5 Best Solana Ecosystem Tokens to Watch

5. Solana

The “best solana ecosystem coins” is a list of 5 tokens that are worth keeping an eye on. The list includes IOTA, NEO, QTUM, Lisk and Stratis.

5 Best Solana Ecosystem Tokens to Watch


As one of the most popular Ethereum alternatives, Solana is home to a plethora of projects with bright prospects, and we’ve listed five of our favorites below.

For the last six years, Ethereum has been the market leader in blockchain development, but in 2021, something happened. Ethereum’s battle has reached whole new dimensions as a result of the growth of so many phenomena, including DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, blockchain games, many new projects ignited by the largest bull run in crypto history, and more.

Because of its inability to scale, sluggish transaction processing speed, and high gas prices, users and developers have been forced to seek for alternate platforms, particularly because Ethereum 2.0 is still not here, a year after its implementation began.

While numerous chains drew the attention of Ethereum’s dwindling community, Solana became one of the most popular destinations for both developers and consumers. It has already produced a number of high-quality projects, and we wanted to take a look at a few of them today to see what they have to offer. As a result, these are the top 5 you should keep an eye on and perhaps consider investing in as we approach 2022.

1. Audius

Audius (AUDIO) is the first on our list, and it is a decentralized music streaming technology. It was initially constructed on the POA network, but it has subsequently been switched to Solana.

Audius was designed with a specific goal in mind: to address inefficiencies in the music business. The music business has been beset by a variety of issues, the most serious of which is a lack of transparency in the ownership of music rights, as well as middlemen that have stood between artists and their fans.

As is customary, these middlemen perform the least amount of effort while taking the largest share of the income, defrauding both fans and artists. Audius wants to alter that by prioritizing the interests of artists, fans, and node operators, and bringing them together via its platform, which is powered by the AUDIO token, its own cryptocurrency.

Artists may post stuff for free, broadcast their songs, and there is no copyright protection because to blockchain’s decentralization. Fans will be able to listen to the songs for free and stake AUDIO to help their favorite musicians thrive on the site.

Visit our Investing in Audius page for more information.

2. Serum

Solana is on its way to become a new leading development platform, therefore having its own premier decentralized exchange is only natural (DEX). After all, Uniswap exists on Ethereum, PancakeSwap exists on BSC, and Serum exists on Solana (SRM).

In essence, this is a DeFi protocol that provides all of the advantages of decentralization while retaining the main functionality that users have come to expect from centralized networks. In this way, Serum is distinct from Uniswap and PancakeSwap, both of which are AMMs that enable users to swap between cryptos. Serum, on the other hand, is a fully functional exchange that includes leveraged trading, limit orders, and other features.

The ecology of the project is characterized by extraordinary speed and minimal transaction costs. Traders and composing projects may also benefit from the DEX’s on-chain central limit order book and matching engine, which can provide liquidity as well as price-time-priority matching. Users will obtain numerous extremely important skills as a result of the project, including the ability to determine the price, direction, and magnitude of their transactions.

Visit our Serum Investing Guide for more information.

Raydium is the third element.

We have a project named Raydium (RAY) in third place, which is Solana’s first automated market maker (AMM). As a result, it has the space’s first-mover advantage. All monies put into Raydium are turned into limit orders, which are subsequently placed on Serum’s order books, thereby providing liquidity for the Serum DEX.

Raydium’s smart contracts have already surpassed a value of $1 billion, making it one of the most extensively utilized dApps in the whole Solana ecosystem. The idea is similar to Ethereum’s SushiSwap in terms of functionality. It features a project accelerator called AcceleRaytor that enables new cryptos to debut on its platform with liquidity.

Its user base, like its liquidity, is huge and rising all the time. As a result, RAY is one of the most well-known projects on Solana. This makes it particularly deserving of the attention of anybody looking to invest in some of Solana’s most promising initiatives, which is why it was impossible to compile this list without it.

Visit our Raydium Buying Guide for additional information.

Arweave, number four

Arweave (AR) is the main decentralized storage solution in Solana. This project has received financing from some of the industry’s most well-known venture capital companies, including Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, and others. The concept drew the attention of industry titans because it proposed novel, game-changing ideas for profit-sharing communities that would incentivize developers to utilize the platform.

All ecosystem contributors are given stock, which is seen to be a better method than merely selling shares to investors during initial fundraising rounds or presales.

As previously stated, the platform’s fundamental purpose is to provide decentralized storage that is indefinite. It portrays itself as a community owned hard drive, and since it employs blockchain technology, all saved data will be preserved in perpetuity, staying unchangeable and always accessible. As a consequence, the initiative will guarantee that everyone, not only today but also in the future, has the capacity to save and exchange information.

Of course, the project’s native cryptocurrency, AR, is at its center, as are the new profit-sharing tokens that the project announced in June 2020. Developers that utilize the project’s network will benefit from these tokens since they will be able to collect dividends when network transaction fees are produced by their apps.

Visit our Investing in Arweave guide for more information.

5. The Atlas of the Stars

The last film on our list is Star Atlas (ATLAS). This is Solana’s first and biggest NFT gaming platform, which launched in late August 2021. This project is set to burst in 2022 and beyond, when NFT-based blockchain gaming becomes a key trend in the crypto/blockchain market.

The idea proposes a virtual reality game in which players may control their own spacecraft, travel across space, and visit other worlds. They’ll also be able to interact with other players, fight in fights, and gain prizes for winning these bouts. In other terms, this is an NFT-based huge multiplayer online game.

The game is set in the year 2620, and it contains three main groups that have arisen and are currently fighting for sovereignty and resources. Humanity is one of them, sentient androids are another, and a group of extraterrestrial species is the third. The game truly crosses genres, promotes investigation, and provides a plethora of stars for both exploration and exploitation.

What sets Star Atlas apart is that it offers a multi-genre immersive metaverse gaming experience that combines the opportunity to earn virtual goods that can be transferred for real-world money with a cinematic-quality game experience. As a result, it’s worth checking out and keeping an eye on as it continues to expand and develop.


Because Solana is presently one of the blockchains with the best chance of replacing Ethereum, its projects have piqued curiosity — not just because of the quality of the blockchain on which they were built, but also because of their own unique nature and ground-breaking concepts. As a result, they also provide the possibility to profit, whether via DeFi or NFT methods, or simply by trading, which has been in the crypto market since Bitcoin’s inception.

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The “solana tokens list” is a list of the top 5 most popular solana ecosystem tokens. The article also includes links to more information about each token.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Solana tokens are there?

A: There are 100,000 Solana Tokens total.

Is Solana the best crypto?

A: Solana is a decentralized, private blockchain platform. It was created in response to the limitations that Ethereum has been facing as of late and offers scalability, security, privacy and speed on par with other blockchains.

How do I get Solana ecosystem tokens?

A: To get Solana ecosystem tokens you need to download the pre-sale wallet from https://token.solanasecurity.com/wallet/.

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