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PRESS RELEASE. ClinTex, a pioneering clinical trials platform, is offering $1 million in CTi tokens as part of a unique betting program that runs from January 1, 2010. From April to 30. September 2021 works.

London, UK – Following a successful launch in 2020, ClinTex is developing CTi-OEM, a blockchain application that focuses on using data analytics to improve the operational efficiency of clinical trials.

Due to the success of CTi’s pre-sales (where the soft cap target was achieved) and the rapid development of the platform, ClinTex decided not to pursue the final phase of the IEO. Instead, the company has decided to pursue a secure listing of CTi tokens on the leading crypto-currency exchange KuCoin and support the impressive momentum that the project has begun to gain.

KTi growth

Both projects have shown significant growth since their listing on KuCoin. Surprised by the amount of support the project received in a relatively short time, ClinTex decided to convert the tokens originally intended for the IEO into a unique and rewarding betting program for all CTi token holders. The betting program offers CTi token holders the opportunity to earn higher rewards than regular betting programs.

Distribution of KTi tokens

Clintex will distribute over $0.9 million in CTi chips to its community through a unique betting program designed to provide maximum value to its members. The program gives participants the chance to win up to 40% percent on CTi chips through three different betting options.

ClinTex will be available between 1. April 2021 and 30. In September, when the first application is expected to be launched, a total of 18.5 million CTi tokens will be distributed to members. Since the TCi is a unique asset, program participants can earn high returns by sending their TCi to the exchange pool and receive their share and rewards after their trial period.

Distinctions and prizes

There are three options for the placement of CTi tokens: one month, three months or five months. The highest reward percentage is awarded for the longest investment period. Steakers make 6% profit in one month, 21% profit in three months and 40% profit in five months with their CTi tokens. For example, a bet of 1,000 chips over 5 months would result in a profit of KTi 1,400.

Composite stage

Bettors also have the opportunity to further increase their betting bonuses through compound betting, an added benefit that allows for an additional betting period after the initial betting time has expired.

If you bet KTi 1,000 for 30 days, you will receive a profit of KTi 1,060, but if you bet for another 30 days, you will receive additional interest on the first month’s profit, increasing your bet from 6% to 12.36% and earning you a cool KTi 1,236.

Starting bid now

Anyone can participate in the CTi-Stacking program for the next 6 months, ending simultaneously with the launch of the first CTi application. The bet is now available on the ClinTex website. Potential customers will need a web3 crypto-currency wallet, such as. B. Metamask to participate in the program.

Klintex: Blockchain for clinical trials

ClinTex is a scalable clinical trial platform that serves as the single source of truth for the clinical trial ecosystem and pharmaceutical industry, and is designed to be widely adopted by ecosystem stakeholders.

In recent years, industry standards for clinical trials have deteriorated, leading to greatly inflated costs and huge delays in trials. The average cost to bring a new drug to market today is $2.5 billion, and some trials can take up to 10 years to approve.

Distributed ledger technology has the potential to revolutionize the clinical trial industry and solve these growing problems. ClinTex clearly differentiates itself from its competitors with a fully scalable blockchain platform for real-world clinical trial development.

ClinTex will be the first company to offer real-world clinical trial solutions using blockchain technology and AI integrated with clinical data sources to make a long-term positive impact on a global problem.

ClinTex’s stabilization program is an excellent opportunity to participate in a potentially changing industry, as well as a potentially rare investment opportunity for CTi holders. Join the CTi program and earn up to 40% bonus for every 5 months.

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