Crypto donors to star-studded benefit raise $440K for autism awareness

The second annual Unsung Heroes Gala for Autism, organized by the Unsung Heroes Foundation, drew over 600 people to the 95th floor of the Empire State Building and raised $440,000 for autism and related disorders. The gala was hosted by actor Adam Godley, and celebrities included actors Danny Glover and Jason Bateman.

The 2018 Blockchain: The Evolution of Money event in New York was a star-studded affair that included a performance from Sting and a keynote address from Don Tapscott. The event was organized by The Chernin Group and Ripple, and it was reportedly sold out. One thing that was notable about the event was the presence of The Autism Project, which had a table at the event to promote autism awareness. The organization was thrilled with the results, as Crypto donors to star-studded benefit raise $440K for autism awareness.

The 30th. In April, a virtual fundraiser organized by American TV star Jimmy Kimmel and NASA engineer and Youtuber Marc Robert raised more than $3 million for NEXT for AUTISM, a charity that focuses on the needs of people with autism and their families in the United States.

Participating in the live interactive show were a number of well-known artists, comedians, musicians and athletes, including Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brien, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Charlize Theron.

Virtual profit has also taken a step forward in the age of digital currencies: Cryptocurrency lenders Nexo and The Giving Block offer viewers a payment channel to donate to charities using a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), donations in Dai (DAI), The Graph (GRT), Litecoin (LTC) , Storj (STORJ), Zcash (ZEC), 0x (ZRX) and other altcoins were also supported.

Now that the live broadcast is over, Nexo has left its cryptocurrency donation portal open for viewers to visit and donate to the charity.  The company told Cointelegraph that it is still collecting data on current crypto currency deposits and will soon release a final total. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for The Giving Block provided the organization’s own data on cryptocurrencies, collected by Color The Spectrum:

The event raised more than $440,000 in crypto donations from about 100 donors. Overall, the crypto community remains incredibly generous, especially during bull markets. We see millions of dollars donated every month.

Although the event was successful in attracting famous stars and raising funds, much of the autism community was critical of many aspects of the Color The Spectrum initiative. In an open letter signed by a group of autism activists, they expressed concern about the beneficiary charity NEXT for AUTISM, pointing out that it fails to communicate directly with autism advocacy organisations. NEXT’s controversial contribution to the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain has also caused much controversy. The latter is an organization that researches the causes and treatment of autism, an approach that has been condemned by the autism community as eugenic and unacceptable.

Marc Robert participated in the discussion of the aforementioned open letter and its critics, which resulted in a dialogue that the authors labeled as bona fide. Other community members noted that they felt many of the event participants did not adequately address their concerns.  At the same time, autism activists have been spreading their own hashtag #FinanceTheSpectrum to draw attention to the failure of NEXT to address the shortages and unemployment that people with autism continue to face.

The Giving Block is a leading crypto donation platform that has partnered with several crypto industry participants in the past. Last month, the organization launched an initiative called the Crypto Giving Pledge, which encourages cryptocurrency investors to donate at least 1% of their money to charities each year.

The Giving Block estimates that if every cryptocurrency trader donated 1% of their money to charity, they could raise $20 billion, based on the market capitalization of digital assets at the end of April, when the initiative was launched.

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