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The Chicago Cubs are a Major League Baseball team that plays in the National League Central division. The Cubs have won more World Series titles than any other North American professional sports franchise. They play in Wrigley Field, an outdoor baseball stadium located in Chicago, Illinois.

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This week, the Cubs and the Brewers are facing off in the first game of the NLCS, with the series opening at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. As we all know, the Cubs are heavy favorites, as they have won the NL Central Division for the past four years. Even so, the Brewers, who went from being the worst team in baseball in 2015 to making the playoffs last year, have quite a talented lineup led by MVP candidate Christian Yelich. While the Cubs are heavy favorites, there is still a lot to be said about the Brewers, who are a much better team than their record indicates.


The Chicago Cubs have made it a point to bring up young starters at the same time, as shown by Fergie Jenkins and Ken Holtzman in the late 1960s, Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer in the late 1980s, and Kerry Wood and Mark Prior in the mid-2000s.

Although not all of them lived up to their early hype, several did, and all except Moyer left an indelible mark on Cubs history. The most recent two newcomers on the block, Justin Steele and Keegan Thompson, both of whom pitched well out of the warm-up area this season and are now attempting to secure their spots in the Cubs revolution for 2022 and beyond, are 26-year-old newcomers on the block Justin Steele and Keegan Thompson, both of whom pitched well out of the warm-up area this season and are currently attempting to seal their spots in the Cubs revolution for 2022 and beyond.

Since returning from Triple-A Iowa on Aug. 10, Steele has added two starts to his arsenal, while Thompson joined the club from Iowa on Saturday, allowing two runs over four innings in a 4-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals. Thompson said, “I battle out there.” “I tried everything I could. “It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it wasn’t terrible either.” [Sports’ most popular article] Brad Biggs’ ten thoughts on the Chicago Bears’ 41-15 loss to the Buffalo Bills in their preseason opener »

The Cubs, on the other hand, are really awful.

While the growth of the two young pitchers is something to cheer about during a particularly bad period, it couldn’t take away the stench of the Cubs’ 12 consecutive losses at Wrigley Field, matching the franchise record established in 1994. Since coming to Wrigley Field in 1916, the Cubs have dealt with a lot of bad teams, but only two of them — this one and the one from 1994 — have managed to lose 12 games in a row there. This run started on July 27th, when Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, and Craig Kimbrel were still with the Cubs, and has continued with newcomers like Frank Schwindel and Michael Hermosillo.

On Saturday at Wrigley Field, Fledglings starting pitcher Keegan Thompson pitches during the first inning against the Royals. On Saturday at Wrigley Field, Whelps starting pitcher Keegan Thompson communicates during the first inning against the Royals. (Getty Images/Nuccio DiNuzzo) Before the game, Fledglings director David Ross, who has persisted through two 11-game losing streaks this season, claimed he was unaware the Cubs were trying to avoid a dubious Wrigley Field record.

“All we’re trying to do is win baseball games,” Ross said. “I wasn’t aware of it. I try not to recall every misfortune.” [Sports’ most popular article] Mike Matheny, the Kansas City Royals’ general manager, was irritated by a weather delay during pitcher Kris Bubic’s no-hitter against the Chicago Cubs: “That can’t happen that way.”

That’s a lot of forgetting in a breakdown unlike any other during the last two months.

Ross emphasized the opposition on the most recent homestand — the Milwaukee Brewers, who won a four-game series, and the Chicago White Sox, who won a three-game series. “We’re trying to win on a regular basis,” he added. “I don’t believe we get too worked up over stuff like streaks or things like that. Every day, we strive to be the best we can be. It’s unfortunate if such disasters pile up, but we’re trying to win them all.” During their nine-game losing skid at home, the Cubs have hit.202 with a 7.29 ERA and have been outscored 90-34. Since the enormous bidding at the exchange cutoff time, they are 3-16 in August and 4-17. For your daily commute, a daily sports bulletin is sent to your email.

Prior to a brief weather delay without rain in the seventh inning, Royals pitcher Kris Bubic threw six no-hit innings and struck out nine batters. When the game resumed, Patrick Wisdom promptly ended the no-hitter with a two-run homer, his twentieth of the season and the most among the National League’s newcomers. At Wrigley Field on Saturday, Royals starting pitcher Kris Bubic pitches against the Cubs in the first inning. In the Royals’ 4-2 victory, Bubic only allowed one hit in 6 1/3 innings.

At Wrigley Field on Saturday, Royals starting pitcher Kris Bubic pitches against the Cubs in the first inning. In the Royals’ 4-2 victory, Bubic only allowed one hit in 6 1/3 innings. (AP/Imprint Black) The Cubs, on the other hand, would only get one hit on the day, striking out numerous times.

Thompson wasn’t very sharp, but according to Ross, a number of balls “simply missed.” Thompson calmed down after a 30-pitch first inning, allowing two unexpected surges in demand for five hits while throwing 73 pitches. He got under the skin of plate umpire Jerry Meals, who didn’t seem to see the value in the new kid on the block’s reaction to a called ball on a pitch to Ryan O’Hearn during the lengthy first inning. Dinners arrived before the plate to confront Thompson, forcing Ross to emerge from the hole to protect his tenderfoot.

Thompson remarked, “It was a long inning.” “Every one of the foul balls from the guy before him and that player perplexed me. It was a good pitch, in my opinion. I was perplexed. I screamed. I’m not sure whether I yelled at him or not, but that was all there was to it.” Thompson learned a crucial lesson: don’t seem to be the ump, especially when it’s just the two of you.

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