Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

Dent is a mobile app that lets you sell your unused data to the highest bidder. It’s like Uber for data, but instead of cars, it’s your data.

Dent Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2018. It has a unique premise, which is to help people save money on mobile data. The what is dent coin will give you a quick introduction into the currency and its functions.

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The majority of us now use our phones for everything from paying bills to chatting, navigating, and researching restaurants and locations to visit. We’ll explain how the Dent crypto project is shaking up the mobile data industry, how it works, and how likely it is to succeed in our Dent coin review. As usual, we recommend exercising care while investing in cryptocurrencies and doing your own research.

What Is Dent Coin and How Does It Work?

Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

The goal of Dent Coin is to decentralize the mobile data industry. Many of us in industrialized nations rely on mobile data to operate our everyday lives, and it is more important when we travel. In fact, most of us consider mobile data connection to be such an essential human requirement.

Mobile data costs are exorbitantly costly even in wealthy countries. High mobile data prices make this vital service unaffordable in poor countries. The fact that fewer than half of the world’s population uses mobile data is due to this pricing restriction.

Dent coin promises to totally disrupt the mobile data industry by reducing prices and making it more accessible. What is the Dent cryptocurrency project’s strategy for doing this? The project is primarily concerned with three aspects of the mobile operator business:

  • Create a mobile data sharing economy: The Dent cryptocurrency project establishes a marketplace for mobile users to purchase, sell, or give their unused data. This exchange is available to anybody from anywhere in the globe.
  • Dent is a one-stop shop for buying mobile data packages that is fully automated. The platform’s attractiveness lies in the fact that customers will always get the greatest pricing and operators for their area. Mobile carriers may also use the platform to provide services to their consumers all over the globe.
  • International Roaming Fees Can Be Expensive and Inconvenient: Nothing is more aggravating than going on vacation and seeing a huge mobile data bill when you return home. The reality is that prices are exorbitant for a reason, and it has everything to do with how phone companies provide data to you in another nation.

What Is the Process of Using Mobile Internet While Traveling?

To properly comprehend how the Dent platform operates, we must first explain how international data roaming works and how the project reduces expenses.

Assume you are a British citizen visiting Australia. When you arrive, you want to check your email. To access your email, a series of actions is initiated in the background.

  • Your phone will connect to the ‘visited network,’ which is a local Australian phone network.
  • The visiting operator then uses international data transit services to transmit your internet traffic to your home phone network.
  • Your home network in the United Kingdom then connects you to the internet and sends the data to your Australian mobile device.
  • You’ll be able to access your emails in Australia after that.

Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

You should now have a better understanding of how inefficient international roaming is. To access the internet while traveling, a mobile user will need four separate data connections. Dent streamlines the procedure by allowing the foreign operator to connect you to the internet immediately. This implies you may skip the foreign transit services and the procedure of connecting to your home network.

This is not only more efficient, but it also lowers the cost of foreign roaming.

What Is The Current State Of The Mobile Data Market?

The mobile data industry is massive, with Parks Associates estimating that mobile operator revenues total $386 billion annually. CISCO also conducted a research on the increase of mobile data use, finding that global data usage was increasing at a startling pace of 63 percent each year.

Many of you are already acquainted with the procedure for purchasing a cell phone. For those who don’t, the most popular way is to purchase a mobile phone contract and pay a certain monthly amount over a set length of time. Each month, the contract will set a data limit, and wasted data from one month will not be carried over to the next. It’s either utilize it or lose it. As a consequence, most individuals purchase excessive amounts of data in order to prevent running out during any given month.

The global quantity of wasted mobile data is estimated to be in the tens of percentiles. Even a ten percent reduction in customer value leads in a $3.86 billion annual loss in customer value. That’s a significant sum of money and a significant waste of resources.

With the Dent cryptocurrency initiative, mobile users may sell their unused data on a blockchain-based marketplace. Other users, including telecommunications firms, may purchase this extra data capacity from Dent. This marketplace effectively commodifies mobile data and allows the market to determine a worldwide mobile data spot price.

It’s worth noting that a few cell carriers have implemented data rollover, which allows you to utilize unused data from one month to the next. However, this is a rare occurrence, and it is unquestionably the exception rather than the norm.

What Is Dent Coin’s Role In The Mobile Data Revolution?

Dent is a cryptocurrency that brings together mobile users with billions of dollars in buying power. As a result, the Dent community has considerable power over telecommunications providers. Let’s face it: a mobile operator’s typical client is worth $460, and no business wants to lose hundreds of thousands of consumers worth that much.

The success of the Dent cryptocurrency initiative may be attributed to their collective negotiating power and the development of a large community. Dent may be seen of as a federation of mobile data users pushing for better terms. Telecom firms should, on balance, be willing to listen to this collective negotiating power. After all, they are dealing with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in income.

So, how does Dent Coin plan to expand? User acquisition is critical, and the team has set aside a large amount of money for their ‘refer a friend’ program. Partnering with mobile carriers to allow peer-to-peer data transfers and provide mobile packages is another critical component.

The next stage is to form a mobile operator alliance that will enable mobile data packages to be transferred across networks. It’s also worth noting that mobile carriers may purchase data for their consumers on the Dent platform and use it to offer their clients.

Charity & Politics

Dent is a cryptocurrency initiative that is also concerned with charity and politics. Mobile users will be able to donate their unused data via the site. Why would you do anything like this? The ‘Gigabytes for Africa’ initiative is kicking off the endeavor. The concept is straightforward: unused mobile data may be given to people who cannot afford cell service.

The aim is that expanding rural African people’ access to the internet would spur development in these regions. These communities are currently cut off from global growth and knowledge. Mobile internet connectivity is only one component that may help these communities improve their quality of life.

Mobile data contributions are obviously worthless unless a mobile operator offers a service in these regions. Dent is collaborating with cell carriers to bring coverage to remote African areas. ‘Gigabytes for Africa’ is hoped to offer much-needed infrastructure to support equitable development and entrepreneurship in these regions. That’s a fantastic cause, and we believe it’s well worth giving our unused mobile data to.

On a political level, mobile data use is a worldwide issue. People travel the globe for vacations, and businesses are worldwide. This is something that the initiative recognizes, and lobbying is one of the most effective ways to support real liberalization of the world’s mobile data markets. The EU, for example, has been effective in liberalizing data use for EU residents by eliminating roaming costs inside the EU. The Dent crypto initiative seeks to accomplish something similar for the world’s people by fighting for everyone’s mobile data rights.

What Is the Purpose of Dent Coin?

The Dent platform is an Ethereum blockchain-based mobile data marketplace. Ethereum smart contracts conduct trades on the network, while Dent currency serves as the platform’s fuel.

Dent coins may be utilized in a number of ways, including:

  • On the Dent global marketplace, you can buy and sell mobile data.
  • Adoption of the platform is rewarded. Users may earn Dent coins by referring their friends to the site.
  • On cryptocurrency exchanges, the coin may be purchased and traded.
  • To encourage telecommunications firms to join the platform, it is used as a financial incentive.

The Team

Five full-time employees and three advisers make up the team. It’s a really small group. They do, however, have a lot of expertise in entrepreneurship, Ethereum smart contracts, payment systems, and applications amongst them. The necessary skill sets and track record to make Dent Coin a success seem to be in place.

We’ll concentrate on the project’s creators in our Dent coin study. The remainder of the crew can certainly contribute significantly, but we like to focus on the founders.

Tero Katajainen is the CEO and Founder of Tero Katajainen.

Tero is a self-taught entrepreneur from Finland who has co-founded numerous internet businesses over the past two decades. He also has an in-depth understanding of Forex trading systems and was one of the first developers to combine mobile payment systems with applications. Tero also has a strong grasp of blockchain and is the driving force behind the Dent crypto project’s growth.

Co-Founder Mikko Linnamäki

Since 1994, Mikko has been launching internet companies. He co-founded Dovecot Oy, the world’s most commonly used IMAP server, throughout his business adventure. It’s hard to argue with a market share of 72 percent and over four million installations. Dovecot is credited for storing email for about a quarter of the world’s population. That’s a really worldwide internet company.

Andreas Vollmer is a co-founder of the company.

Andreas is really enthusiastic about one thing in life: developing mobile applications. With over a decade of development expertise, he co-founded TDSoftware and has worked on applications for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and a variety of other businesses.

Andreas, who is a big lover of all things mobile, also has a lot of expertise with mobile customer relationship management solutions. He loves to utilize this information to improve applications and monitor user behavior to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Dent’s Cryptocurrency’s Future

There are many reasons to be enthusiastic about the Dent cryptocurrency project. The team has effectively recognized the lack of a secondary market for mobile data and has decided to fill this void. Cross-border mobile data transfers are inefficient, and telephone providers lack operator agreements with one another. As a consequence, international roaming costs are high. Dent is off to a good start, with data agreements with approximately 20 different carriers available in its app.

Dent coin is a fantastic concept in theory. However, the success of the initiative hinges on the participation of additional telecommunications firms. The question with this crypto initiative is if enough cell carriers would cooperate and agree to improve the mobile market. Failure to do so will very certainly lead to the project’s failure.

The reality is that many parts of the globe are controlled by a single company, therefore they may not have the same motivations to work with Dent, which may serve as a barrier to change.

On the plus side, the initiative has already formed agreements with data consolidation firms such as U2opia, which deal with a variety of cell carriers. These collaborations may help Dent gain a foothold with operators.

On the consumer side, the project’s primary target market is low-income mobile customers in developed countries. Globalization has resulted in significant levels of cross-border economic migration from poor to industrialized nations. However, these employment possibilities are associated with poor pay, and these individuals must continue to interact with their families and friends at home. There’s little question that Dent would be popular with this clientele, and that it’s a market worth pursuing.

Do you want to give the Dent App a shot?

Dent has a mobile app for Android and iOS that you can use to play around with and purchase mobile data packages right now. Even better, installing the app via TotalCrypto will earn you 235 Dent coins for free.

Dent is already working with mobile carriers and offering data deals:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Oi
  • Movistar
  • Telcel
  • Airtel
  • Grameenphone
  • Cell
  • MTN
  • Vodacom
  • Tigo
  • Du
  • 9MobileGio
  • Orange
  • Inwi
  • Maroc Telecom is a company based in Morocco.
  • Claro, among other things

Get 235 Dent Coins for FREE when you try out the Dent Mobile App.

Here’s a list of nations that are supported.

The Dent Coin Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


Dent’s initial coin offering (ICO) raised $4.3 million on July 26th, 2017. Dent coins were produced in the billions, with 70% of them sold during the initial coin offering (ICO). What about the remaining 30% of the Dent coins? The team has set aside these funds to pay for incentives to onboard telecoms providers, as well as to encourage new users to the platform and to pay staff. A billion tokens have also been set aside for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals initiative.

Should I Put Money Into Dent Coin?


  • The initiative aims to capture a piece of a market worth $386 billion each year.
  • There are no recognized second-hand data markets at this time.
  • Dent offers a method to solve huge inefficiencies in the international roaming markets.
  • Consumers will be interested in lower-cost mobile data.
  • Dent has a functioning product and is collaborating with around 20 telecoms companies.
  • The mobile data industry is rapidly expanding.
  • Dent’s platform solution has the potential to extend its market to include IoT devices.
  • Dent has the potential to become the glue that binds mobile carriers together, as well as the world’s marketplace for mobile data, if it succeeds. It may help not only regular individuals, but also mobile carriers that want to purchase data on the platform. The project would then be able to function on a really massive scale.
  • Gigabytes for Africa is an example of a charitable effort that may make the world a better place.


  • Mobile carriers are responsible for the project’s success.
  • The platform has failed to gain widespread acceptance and usage.
  • Telcoin, for example, is a crypto rival.
  • Only 14 nations have mobile operator support at the moment.

Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

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What is the best way to purchase Dent cryptocurrency?

Dent coins may be purchased immediately via the Dent app using PayPal or a credit card. Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to sell them on a cryptocurrency exchange if you do this. Dent tokens purchased via the app can only be used to buy and sell mobile data.

You’ll need to utilize a cryptocurrency exchange if you simply want to invest in the Dent crypto project. In this simple how-to-buy Dent tutorial, we’ll show you how to accomplish it.

Last Thoughts

Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

Dent coin has a lot of promise, in our opinion. It’s attempting to service a large market with no clear leader. Despite the fact that the crew is tiny, they are extremely experienced, and we believe they have a decent chance of pulling it off. Dent, unlike many other cryptocurrency initiatives, already has a functioning product and relationships with some of the world’s largest mobile carriers. Of course, we’d want to see an expansion in the number of operators and nation coverage. However, we must keep in mind that these things take time, and the initiative has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time.

The Gigabytes for Africa project has a lot of support from the TotalCrypto team. We are firm believers in the benefits of internet access for both economic and educational development. The initiative is pursuing a good goal, and we believe it is well worth supporting.

The mobile data industry has been stifled for far too long. Dent opens up the possibility of fully liberalizing this market and organizing the aggregate purchasing power of mobile data consumers all across the globe. Dent has the ability to completely disrupt the mobile industry. It’s just a question of whether you want to support it or not.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important Dent coin resources below.

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A hardware wallet is the safest method to keep your money. Trezor and Ledger are the two major brands, and we highly suggest both. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, check out our Trezor vs Ledger comparison.

What Are the Best Free Wallets?

Because Dent coin is an ERC-20 token, it may be stored in any Ethereum wallet. Here are our top two picks:

Dent Token: What Is The Best Crypto Tracking App?

Useful Websites


DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

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Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

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Dent Coin Ultimate Guide 2018: The Mobile Data Marketplace

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Dent Coin is a cryptocurrency that allows users to buy and sell mobile data. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the coin, including how to sell dent coin.

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