Ellen’s NFT auction flops, Oscars controversy, Kayne’s $1.8M sneakers, and more

Sales of Ellen Degeneres’ NFT are down. The comedian sold only five of the ten available gold editions of her NFT Cat Stick Woman for $2,500 on the Bitski platform. Sixty-four other people paid $100 each for a free cash issue of the same NFT.

The design seems to have been created with minimal effort to satirize the idea that any old, celebrity-crushed junk would be marketed as NFT.

Ellen’s platinum video monologue on NFT went home with the top prize of $14,555. In total, the sale raised just $30,955 for the charity World Central Kitchen, even after being promoted on a national talk show and to its 79 million followers on Twitter. But maybe it wasn’t the right audience.

While the sale has led to negative reactions in some circles of the crypto community, any significant publicity for NFT is good publicity, right?

What if we all agree that no one is claiming it?

Let’s come together as a community

Not even 0.001 ETH https://t.co/4YjNAwnub7

– ∞ CO฿IE (@CryptoCobain) April 27, 2021

Charity Crypto founder wanted

Another indication that NFT investors are becoming a bit more sophisticated is that the first NFT startup, Covid:aid, has still not submitted a bid a week after the market opened.

The purpose of covid:aid is to provide support to people affected by the pandemic. Those who buy NFT – the image of the charity’s new logo – will also receive the title of covid:aid Founding Crypto Philanthropist. Originally on the 21st. April placed with a reserve price of ETH 1, the reserve was reduced to ETH 0.1 the next day, but has not yet attracted any bids.

Basketball Warriors

The Golden State Warriors were the first professional sports team to publish their own NFT collection on OpenSea. This week’s auction includes the Legacy Collection, featuring iconic championship rings and ticket stubs for iconic races dating back to 1947, as well as the NFT, including some IRL experiences. The team’s interest in this area was reportedly sparked by the success of NBA Top Shot, which has made half a billion dollars since its launch.

Most expensive sports shoes in the world fractional

Rare sneaker sales platform Rares.io auctioned off Kanye West’s 2008 Nike Air Yeezy 1 sneakers for $1.8 million at Sotheby’s on Monday, making them the most expensive sneakers in history. She announced that she was going to split it up and sell the shares to the sneaker community.

However, it doesn’t appear that the sneakers will qualify as NFTs – Rares’ terms and conditions don’t mention digital assets, and the company’s Crunchbase profile talks about selling shares of the sneakers via an app as part of an IPO or listing. Several non-crypto fractional asset plots have popped up in recent years, suggesting that the concept is not unique to NMT. It would have been easier to use the NFT, but that’s another story.

Oscar Debate NFT

The artist behind actor Chadwick Boseman’s surprisingly controversial Oscar NFT has apologized and promised to make changes. Andre Oshea was hired by the Academy to direct the film, which many viewers apparently took as a sure sign that Boseman would win Best Actor…. but, of course, he was beaten by Anthony Hopkins.

According to Australian magazine Gizmodo, the NMT has been criticized for its environmental impact, for the fact that only 50% of its proceeds go to charity, and for its attempts to capitalize on the tragedy of Bosman’s death and the current speculative interest in the NMT. Someone has accused the artist of selling NFT for $1.2 million, while Oshea spent only $50 to buy the 3D model of Bosman’s head on which NFT is based. The artist published the 27. April issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience:

I realize now that Chadwick’s face commemorates his death, not his life, and I’m going to repaint the paintings that will be auctioned later this week.

This week was a great learning experience for me and I appreciate all the feedback on my work, especially from my friends and family.

Here’s a recap of this weekend’s events. Thank you to everyone who supported me, I am deeply grateful. pic.twitter.com/tvNHGdAMzE

– (@andreoshea) 26. April 2021

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