FTX launches marketplace for easy Ethereum NFT trading |

FTX is launching a new marketplace for NFTs, the digital collectable assets that are traded on blockchain. The platform also allows players to trade their cards with one another and has over 2 million users in 70 countries.

The “NFT trading platform” is a new marketplace that has been created by the FTX. The platform will allow users to trade Ethereum-based NFTs in an easy and safe way. Read more in detail here: nft trading platform.

Following weeks of accepting Solana-based NFTs on its NFT marketplace, FTX US has announced that Ethereum-based NFTs will now be supported as well.

Solana and Ethereum NFTs are supported for the first time on FTX.

Users of the major crypto exchange may now search its NFT marketplace to buy, sell, and display their Ethereum NFTs alongside their Solana NFTs, according to the official statement.

You may remember that the Sam Bankman-led exchange was one of the first centralized crypto exchanges to allow NFTs to trade on its platform. The exchange only supported Solana-based NFTs at the time. 

The recent news, on the other hand, indicates that the exchange is pushing up its efforts to become a viable marketplace for this kind of digital asset, and it also has the distinction of being the only one that supports both Ethereum and Solana NFTs.

In a recent interview, the founder of FTX hinted that the exchange may be putting more effort into building a solid base in the burgeoning sector, claiming that it has the potential to lead to mass adoption of the crypto industry, citing use cases in other industries such as event planning, gaming, and others.

“I’d now place NFTs in that top category probability-wise, along with a handful of other things in terms of what pulls a non-crypto native audience to crypto for anything other than financial investment,” he says.

NFT traders are attracted to FTX because of its lower costs.

Trading for various Ether-based NFTs has been available on the platform since yesterday, putting pressure on the NFT market leader, Opensea, to acquire additional customers with its cheaper price structure and subsidized withdrawal charge.

“By not needing gas for things like bids, we’re going to see a lot more price activity and price discovery on the platform, and we think that in general draws liquidity,” FTX.US President Brett Harrison said.

While OpenSea remains the market leader, FTX intends to gain an advantage over rivals like as Coinbase, which just established its own marketplace.

FTX launches marketplace for easy Ethereum NFT trading |


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FTX launches marketplace for easy Ethereum NFT trading |

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