’s $2M Global Futures Trading Competition Is Live has just announced a global futures competition, where the first prize is worth $2M USD! was originally built for Bitcoin trading and now offers margin forex trading as well in addition to other crypto products like CFDs on Ethereum or Litecoin with up to 100x leverage. is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot trading, futures trading and margin trading. The “tiingo excel” is a global futures trading competition that will be live until the end of October 2018.’s $2M Global Futures Trading Competition Is Live


Chainwire, 16 December 2021, Singapore, Singapore

  • GFTC intends to bring together crypto fans from all over the globe as one of the largest trading contests in the world. 
  • The early bird registration period begins on December 15, 2021. Here is where you may sign up.

On December 15, 2021, early-bird registration for’s inaugural Global Futures Trading Competition (GFTC) will begin. The GFTC will be the world’s first and biggest futures trading competition, with a prize pool of $2 million. The prize pool for the top-ranked troop in the “Troop Showdown” is worth up to $1.6 million. has invested substantially in this event as the platform’s inaugural futures trading competition, and intends to bring together enthusiasts from all over the globe for this fascinating futures trading competition. Furthermore, because of the large number of prizes offered, you might win a prize just by participating in the competition.

“The first crypto extravaganza of 2022 is just around the corner, and we’ve meticulously prepared GFTC in every detail,”’s chief marketing officer Marie Tatibouet stated. “People have admired’s vast selection of goods and services in the past, such as the over 1,200 currencies and tokens accessible for trading, GateChain, and NFT Magic Box. “Over the past year,’s contract products have developed enormously, reaching the top five globally,” she stated.

What is the procedure for entering the competition? promises to provide every user a firsthand look of futures trading. To be eligible for the $2 million prize pool, just join up for and register a contract account with at least 200 USDT in assets.

There are several contract pairings to choose from. is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, with about 1,200 coins accessible for trade, including more than 200 contract pairings and 180+ pairs using USDT. Whatever tokens you’re looking for, is more than likely to have them listed.

The reward fund is the greatest among the exchanges (with extra goodies)

The “Troop Showdown” prize pool is up to $1.6 million, while the “Solo Showdown” prize pool is up to $400,000. Contract bonuses, limited edition OpenPunks nonfungible tokens (NFT), and other goodies are available in addition to the prize pool.

Details about the GFTC

This competition’s registration period is from December 22, 2021, through January 17, 2022. The tournament will take place from January 7 through January 21, 2022.

– Early-bird registration prize: New users will earn 10 USDT for registering, while existing users will receive 5 USDT. Each “Unit Captain” who recruits new members for the troop will get 10 USDT.

– Troop Showdown: 80% of the overall prize pool, up to $1.6 million in prize money.

– Solo Showdown: 20% of the overall prize pool, up to $400,000 in prize money.

– Limited Edition NFTs: Enter the competition for a chance to win one of three $37,000 limited edition NFTs.

– Vote and Share: Predict the winner of the “Troop Showdown” correctly and win another $10,000.

Concerning the GFTC

The prize fund for’s inaugural futures trading competition is extendable up to $2 million. “Troop Showdown,” “Solo Showdown,” early-bird awards, NFTs, voting rewards, and more are all part of the competition. Global merchants can register on the competition’s official website.

To register, go to this link. is a website that provides information on many topics. is the world’s largest digital currency exchange, with over 9 million members in 190 countries. In addition to decentralized financial products via HipoDeFi, services through, investments through Gate Labs, and the GateChain platform, the exchange provides over 1,200 coins and tokens to trade utilizing spot, margin, futures, and contract trading. The firm also provides a suite of goods, including its Startup IEO platform, NFT Magic Box marketplace, cryptocurrency loans, and more.



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Watch This Video- is a cryptocurrency exchange that has recently announced the launch of their $2M Global Futures Trading Competition. The competition will see traders compete for prizes in order to be one of the first to trade futures on’s platform. Reference: end of day stock data.

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