’s NFT Magic Box Successfully Reached These Major Milestones in 2021

The new year has arrived and 2019’s major milestones have been reached by the NFT Magic Box. This dApp was designed for players to enjoy a variety of games on their mobile devices, with trading and all other key features being carried out in-app. The milestone that stands tallest among them is its successful implementation of cryptocurrency wallets which were originally available only through Gate Wallet.

The “ us customers” is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The company has reached many milestones in the past few years and has recently announced their NFT Magic Box success.


the 17th of January 2022 in Singapore, Chainwire introduced their NFT Magic Box marketplace in April 2021. Since then, the platform has advanced significantly as the global NFT business expanded quickly. The following are some significant accomplishments NFT Magic Box made during the last several months:

sold more than 100,000 NFTs

Since its debut, NFT Magic Box has helped traders make over $4 million in profit by enabling the selling of over 100,000 NFTs. The average monthly volume on NFT Magic Box is now over $800,000. Users may execute transactions utilizing either the platform’s Buy Now fast sales or auctions.

The most well-known platforms on the platform are OpenPunks, Losercoin, KAWs, and DreamVerse, each of which has made over $500,000 in profit. NFT Magic Box has worked with over 100 different NFT projects. Famous players like Allen Iverson and NFT Magic Box have worked together in the past, and more collaborations are planned for 2022.

Facebook and campaigns

With over 13,000 followers only on Twitter and over 20,000 followers across various social media sites, the NFT Magic Box team has amassed a sizable social media following. The NFT Magic Box held several advertising activities in 2021, including the European Championship 2021, which proved to be so successful that it was repeated.

Along with advertising efforts, NFT Magic Box has also started a number of assistance programs, such as the $1 million Art United Digital Artist Support Programme, which aims to assist artists and creators in the NFT industry. The platform has just launched its initial NFT offering (INO) platform, a first for the industry that will let artists sell a small number of pieces of art to early investors. Heifer International received funding as a result of the recent Art United NFT charity auction.

2022 and Later

NFT Magic Box will continue to promote and serve to artists and innovators in the NFT sector until the year 2022. NFT Magic Box will collaborate with Gate Ventures to offer finance for up-and-coming initiatives, guaranteeing that promising, high-quality projects are showcased on the platform, in addition to preparing celebrity partnerships and the extension of the INO platform.

The platform already has over 20 shows scheduled under its Art United Support Program in an attempt to strengthen and expand the NFT space while exposing artists to a whole new generation of art fans. Mark your calendars and be ready to collect since the corporation also wants to concentrate more on major sports events like the next Winter Olympics and Fifa World Cup.

Regarding is a well-known exchange for digital currencies with more than 9 million customers in 190 countries. In addition to decentralized financial products via HipoDeFi, services through, investments through Gate Labs, and trading on the GateChain platform, the exchange provides over 1,200 coins and tokens to trade utilizing spot, margin, futures, and contract trading. Additionally, the business provides a comprehensive array of goods, including its Startup IEO platform, the NFT Magic Box marketplace, cryptocurrency loans, and more.


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