Hacktivist collective Anonymous takes aim at Elon Musk. Who cares?

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently seen some stories about Elon Musk, a person who’s supposedly up to no good. Is it true? Who knows, but it does seem that the typical narrative is that Musk is some sort of evil genius who’s been plotting to take over the world with his big ideas and big investments, and who many people now see as a narcissist who’s not even capable of sticking to just one thing.

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has been taking aim at Elon Musk and his companies recently with a series of data leaks, hacks, and DDoS attacks against Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX. And now, the group has declared war on the CEO of Tesla’s new Gigafactory and his recent announcement of the purchase of the company.

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It’s the classic Anonymous modus operandi: a super-villain monologue, an alleged attack on an individual right or public good, a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask, and lots of video effects and voice distortion. But now that the hacktivist collective has set its sights on a new target in the person of Elon Musk, the latest threat has us thinking: Who cares? Yesterday, a video claiming to belong to the Anonymous collective warned that a combined intelligence agency was now working against them: Oh fuckhttps://t.co/f8A4baYgWU – Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) June 5, 2021 The monologue was incoherent, noting that your fanboys overlook these problems because they focus on the potential good that your projects can bring to the world. Musk has been accused of being the heir to a South African mining company, and his attempt to create a Bitcoin Mining Council has rightly been seen as an attempt to centralize and take over the industry. But what has really raised the ire of this particular group is the fact that retail investors may have been harmed by Musk’s recent Twitter nonsense. Reading the comments on your Twitter posts, it seems that the games you play with the crypto currency markets have ruined people’s lives. Millions of small investors were really counting on profits from cryptocurrencies to improve their lives, the masked man scolds. Hi @elonmusk, I just met Martin, a Lyft driver in Miami, who told me he lost almost $10,000 investing in Dogecoin – which he discovered through your Twitter account. Maybe it’s time to calm down. – John Rice (@JonRiceCrypto) 4. June 2021 Anonymous isn’t the only one to disagree with Musk’s cynical tweets lately, but it’s not clear they can do anything about it. The power of this group seems to have weakened in recent years. They probably reached their peak with the Chanology project, which aimed to delegitimize and degrade the authority of the Church of Scientology. They attacked websites, published confidential information and even sent a nearly naked man, covered in pubic hair and Vaseline, to destroy one of the church’s websites. God bless you, Officer Pubeet. De laatste jaren zijn er minder successen en meer bedreigingen. Recent targets include the Nigerian government, Minneapolis police and the Thai prison system. In any case, we don’t know what fights they won, if any. However, the effectiveness or legitimacy of Anonymous’ efforts is virtually irrelevant. Anonymous and blockchain ideology are two overlapping but ultimately different intellectual movements, and incidents like this video highlight the differences between them. Bitcoin was founded by an individual or pseudonymous collective named Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi has decided to retire from his creation and technology to get rid of statements like Anonymous. Bitcoin doesn’t need anyone’s help; it’s an elegantly designed network that will undoubtedly outlive Elon Musk, and perhaps all memories of his accomplishments. That’s how crypto-punks fight: with code, not cosplay. Anonymous, with all due respect, we’re fine.The digital currency Bitcoin is still fairly new, but it’s gained a lot of attention in recent months. The largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, Bitfinex, is facing charges from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC alleges that Bitfinex’s founder and president, Jean-Louis van der Velde, engaged in a Ponzi scheme with an unrelated company called Tether. The SEC also alleges, perhaps more importantly, that Tether has used its balance sheet to cover up losses at Bitfinex.. Read more about anonymous hacker twitter and let us know what you think.

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