Hashmasks and Terra Virtua to split royalties from the vFlect Hashmasks collection |

Terra Virtua, a blockchain-based Virtual Reality platform, has partnered with vFlect, the company that created the “Hashmasks”, to split the royalties from the collections of Hashmasks. Hashmasks are digital images of objects that can be used to represent information in the blockchain. Here’s how it works: A Hashmask is a file with the extension of .hash that contains a digital representation of an object, such as a car. Each hashmask contains information about the object, including the make, model, year, and even the serial number of the object. This digital information can be sent from one user to another over the blockchain using Terra Virtua’s (TVA) payment system

In a previous blog post, I talked about how vFlect masks, a new type of digital collectible, are taking the VR world by storm, and more specifically about the Hashmasks collection, a unique set of vFlect masks that are designed to be shared between users (in the case of vFlect) or that can be used for social media, entertainment or gaming experiences (in the case of Terra Virtua).

The owners of NFT Hashmasks are entitled to royalties from the sale of this unique collection.

Terra Virtua, creators of the vFlects character robots, has partnered with Hashmasks, a leading provider of conceptual TNT, to launch a unique collection of TNT called vFlect Hashmasks. This unique collaboration creates a new group of NFT collectibles, combining the legendary vFlects with the infamous Hashmasks.

Following the launch of the special line of NFT collectibles, Terra Virtua has released a waiting list for current Hashmask owners who wish to license their NFT items for the vFlect collection.

With over 120 people on the waiting list and another 500 in line before the week of scheduled release, this is the first ever scenario where an NFT owner will benefit from their tertiary stock. The two platforms have partnered to implement a scalable licensing scheme whereby NFT hashmask owners can receive royalties and revenue from the upcoming sale of the vFlect hashmask collection.

Says Jawad Ashraf, co-founder and CTO of Terra Virtua:

Allowing the community to create and monetize these NFTs is the first step in the industry, and I expect there will be more and more of these collaborative NFTs – including ours.

The first collection of 73 Hashbrowns, released at 30. April sold out in less than five minutes – the fastest sale in the Terra Virtua market. This marketplace is a unique virtual environment where you can collect and immerse yourself in the world of digital objects.

A combination of unique and rare collectibles

Terra Virtua, founded in Staines, England by Jawad Ashraf and Greg Bracey, is the first fully immersive, blockchain-powered VR entertainment platform. vFlects™️ are the platform’s original 3D-animated bots, popular in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. Each vFlect is powered by an internal core that reflects the eye sensors and emits light.

The exhibition Hashmasks features over 70 artists and 16,384 unique digital portraits created by Suum Cuique Labs from Zug, Switzerland. By owning one of the Hashmasks, you collect an NCT token every day, which allows you to choose your portrait name on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this new initiative, which demonstrates the power of cross-platform collaboration, Terra Virtua vFlects will be paired with hashmas that will visually carry them, making them the rarest and most unique set of collectibles to ever appear in Terra Virtua.

Addition of Suum Cuique Labs:

Each hash mask is truly unique and has a subjective value to each of its owners. The combination with the vFlect robot not only opens up even more opportunities to add meaning and beauty to these works, but also allows NFT owners to monetize their artworks like never before.

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Hashmasks and Terra Virtua to split royalties from the vFlect Hashmasks collection |

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