Investing In BrainTrust (BTRST) – Everything You Need to Know

Braintrust is a decentralized and self-governed community in which the members are able to provide peer reviews of other users, project managers, or businesses. The goal for Braintrust is to create an ecosystem where trust has no boundaries and anyone can be trusted without fear of being cheated on their investments.

The business model of BrainTrust (BTRST) is a modern talent network. For enterprises to establish teams more effectively, the platform includes a decentralized protocol, community Governance, a unique money, and other features. The method makes it possible for talent to quickly interact with businesses and obtain market value.

BrainTrust has established a community with over 700,000 members and several businesses. These participants are organized by the network using a nonprofit marketplace. Since its debut in 2018, BrainTrust has had substantial investment backing. Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Multicoin, Variant, Blockchange, and ACME have provided funding for the company.

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What issues is BrainTrust (BTRST) trying to solve?

Both freelancers and those looking for talent can benefit from BrainTrust. The protocol addresses centralization, one of the greatest issues on the market. The leading forces in the industry at the moment are major companies like or Freelancer. Due of their stance, they are able to impose hefty costs on customers and businesses.

With BrainTrust, users have a good choice. The network uses a community Governance framework and Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain to foster a more diverse business environment. As a result, the protocol increases market transparency generally.

High Fees

The centralized systems of today may pay talent up to 25%. These costs may last the duration of a project and deprive talent of thousands of dollars in revenue. The worst part is that there is no way for talent or talent searchers to avoid or lower these costs. Users are significantly at a disadvantage compared to direct hiring because of these hefty costs.

BrainTrust doesn’t charge any talent fees. Users are empowered to negotiate fair remuneration for their abilities thanks to this talent-centric strategy. Additionally, it offers talent searchers greater value for their money. Thus, BrainTrust offers team builders a more effective approach to assemble varied and specialized teams.

Creating a team

On short notice, assembling a group of skilled individuals may be challenging and costly. In a centralized system, traditional staffing companies are the only ones in control. This model is turned on its head by BrainTrust. Peer-to-peer vetting is incorporated to make sure that all the talent is up to par. On demand, teams may provide flexible, expert, and personalized work.

Paid with Bitcoin

The community decided to permit crypto payments at the company’s last vote session. Users may now get direct payments in BTRST for their services. By utilizing any ERC-compliant DEX, users may take these money and convert them to their preferred cryptocurrency (decentralized exchange). Users may safely trade assets on DEXs’ peer-to-peer, non-custodial platform in a quick and efficient way.

Gains from BrainTrust (BTRST)

The market is given several advantages by BrainTrust. It offers users legitimate alternatives for income generation and links independent contractors with businesses. You may earn BTRST and use tokens in a number of ways thanks to the system. It streamlines user onboarding by using an intuitive UI. This system was created from the ground up with the goal of making it simple for anybody to sift through the talent and locate the experts they need to satisfy their goals.

Investing In BrainTrust (BTRST) – Everything You Need to Know

benefits of BrainTrust (BTRST)

Just Prices

Using BrainTrust, talent may get pure market rates. Depending on their degree of expertise and experience, they may set their own pricing. The technology also allows you to charge by the hour. It’s simple for talented people to get what they desire thanks to this adaptable strategy.


The referral program is a different perk that is important to note. Users are compensated by BrainTrust for finding new businesses and talent. The network promotes blockchain adoption and gives members another method to make money by rewarding development.


The current grant programs offered by BrainTrust are another important advantage. Users may join the first decentralized talent network powered by Ethereum and contribute to the creation of fresh Web3 possibilities.

The Functions of BrainTrust (BTRST)

BrainTrust performs the functions of centralized systems using a decentralized network of nodes. The protocol offers BTRST as a form of compensation to users, artists, businesses, and other contributors. Participating in the BrainTrust community also entitles users to free and discounted software, products, career resources, and community benefits.

Account for BrainTrust

Signing up for a Account for BrainTrust is easy. Users can fill out their personal information, experience, and even add a portfolio of their past projects. Hirers can sort through these accounts to find the talent they need. Each account has a score associated with its past performance. Gain extra rewards by maintaining a top score and get the best opportunities.

Nodes of BrainTrust

A wide range of network members in the BrainTrust system collaborate to keep the system running properly. The system employs nodes hosted by Freelance Labs, SnowFork, Accelerated Labs, Distributed Labs, HexOcean, and Muses that have undergone extensive testing.


A 10% service fee is applied to those looking for talent. These fees support network and service expansion as well as platform upkeep.


BrainTrust is a network that is community-governed. Through a voting mechanism, users may control the course of the business. It’s noteworthy that each BTRST token corresponds to one vote. This strategy makes sure that the stakeholders in the organization have the maximum influence over the course of the business.

Investing In BrainTrust (BTRST) – Everything You Need to Know

The coin gecko BTRST


The BrainTrust network’s primary utility token is BTRST. It is an Ethereum-based coin that complies with the ERC-20 interoperability standard. On September 1, 2021, BTRST became live with a fixed supply of 250 million tokens.

Background of BrainTrust (BTRST)

Freelance Labs, a software company situated in Cincinnati, Ohio, created BrainTrust. As an IT consulting company, it was established in 2018. The business focuses on decentralized technologies, system engineering, and software development. Adam Jackson and Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski created the procedure.

Profit by Using Your BrainTrust (BTRST)

The talent market has a definite need that BrainTrust addresses. Better earning potential and greater control over their financial destiny are often desired by users. All of these prerequisites are met by BrainTrust. Because of this, BrainTrust has the ability to completely transform the market. In the next weeks, you should hear more from BrainTrust.

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