LongHash Ventures Leads $1.5 Million Pre-seed Funding Round for Web3 Game Data and Development Platform Particle Network

Particle Network is a game development platform designed to empower players with control of their personal data. Players can use the Particle SDK in games and on websites, giving them an opportunity to monetize their data while also bringing new life and value into undervalued applications.

The “nft project funding” is a pre-seed round of $1.5 million that has been raised by LongHash Ventures for the Particle Network. The platform will allow developers to easily build and deploy decentralized games on the web with blockchain technology.

LongHash Ventures Leads $1.5 Million Pre-seed Funding Round for Web3 Game Data and Development Platform Particle Network


Chainwire, 4 May 2022, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

LongHash Ventures, one of Asia’s leading Web 3-focused venture funds and accelerators, has led a $1.5 million pre-seed funding round for Particle Network, a Web3 mobile game development platform that aims to speed up game developers’ transition to Web3 by giving them the tools they need to easily build, host, and scale gaming dApps.

LongHash Ventures Founding Partner Emma Cui said, “We’re excited to back Pengyu Wang and the team at Particle Network.” “This investment confirms our positive position on Web3 gaming, particularly Web3 mobile gaming. Particle Network eliminates one of the most significant roadblocks to the growth of the Web3 gaming ecosystem: the absence of a Web3 mobile tech stack and social graphs that developers need to construct and deploy immersive gaming dApps effectively. Particle Network helps developers to speed up the creation of Web3 games by offering a fully controlled backend infrastructure.”

Insignia Ventures Partners, CyberConnect, BitCoke Ventures, 7 O’Clock Capital, FSC Ventures, and Monad Labs are among the investors in the round. The funding will be used to expand Particle Network’s workforce, nurture its worldwide developer community, and refine the launchpad to provide creators with the quickest route from concept to mass scale Web3 games.

Particle Network Co-founder and CEO Pengyu Wang remarked, “We’re thrilled to be supported by an exceptional group of investors in this round of funding lead by LongHash Ventures.” “When we originally started out as Web3 developers, we recognized we needed to start from the bottom up and design a mobile app from the ground up. However, this raises unreasonably high obstacles to developing Web3 mobile apps, and each developer recreating the wheel to produce an app does not help Web3 in the long run. Developers can now concentrate on developing incredible gaming experiences without having to worry about constructing everything from the ground up thanks to Particle Network.”

Developers may build on Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, Immutable X, Avalanche, Flow, Evmos, and Wax thanks to Particle Network’s multi-chain capabilities. Merge Go, Designer 777, Idle Weed Inc, and Panda2 are just a few of the Web3 games created on the Particle Network technology.

Particle Network Information

Particle Network is a data and development platform for Web3 mobile applications that allows developers all over the globe to create scalable, multi-chain, and dependable Web3 mobile apps without needing a deep understanding of blockchain technology. It also enables developers to clean and structure on-chain data before connecting it with first-party client data, allowing them to create user DIDs and undertake focused product iterations and activities.

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LongHash Ventures is a company that invests in blockchain technology.

LongHash Ventures is a Web3 investment fund and accelerator that works directly with entrepreneurs to help them develop their Web3 model and tap into Asia’s tremendous potential. Balancer, Acala, Instadapp, and Zapper were among the startups we invested in when we opened our fund in January 2021.

We’ve partnered with Polkadot, Algorand, and Filecoin to build more than 50 global Web3 projects that have raised more than $100 million in the last four years through the LongHashX Accelerator. We are dedicated to accomplishing our purpose of stimulating development for the next generation of the Web via such investments and active participation.

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The “near incentives program” is a new initiative that will be launched by LongHash Ventures. The company has announced the launch of their pre-seed funding round for the “Particle Network”.

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