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NFT has added a new dimension to the crypto space and created tremors in the market like we haven’t seen in a long time. Legends of Crypto (LOC) is one of NMT’s most anticipated projects and is currently in the early stages of market penetration. Legends of Crypto hopes to become a gaming ecosystem for both the crypto gaming community and traditional gamers. It uses DeFi and the DAO business model to offer players a unique NFT game where they can collect, win and play.

Brief introduction to cryptographic legends

Remember those card games and collectibles you used to play? Crypto Legends is very similar. This is an NFT project presented as a trading card game using blockchain technology. It takes a unique approach by focusing on the cryptocurrency industry and its prominent members and influencers.

The game is powered by Ethereum and Matic Blockchain. Matix controls the DeFi economy that underlies the game, the core game and the DAO business model. Using the Matic network offers cross-chain replay capabilities, lower transaction costs, faster transactions and a gateway to the Ethereum blockchain. The use of Ethereum and Matic brings more stability and efficiency to the Legends of Crypto ecosystem.

Players who hold NFT cards can earn rewards through prize pools. The game’s ability to utilize DeFi and DAO control creates a sustainable game ecosystem.

The various characters that appear in the game are well-known representatives and influencers of the crypto industry. Each character is divided into different categories:

  • Top Blockchains
  • The best crypto-currencies
  • Legends ofFi
  • Cryptocities
  • NFT inscriptions

Notable characters in the game include the cryptocurrency investor and Czech Binsa.

How to play Legends of Crypto

Legends of Crypto is pretty easy to play and works as the main asset. Each card contains a set of numerical data, and the cards are divided equally among the players. Players must win by comparing the value of the cards and surpassing the value of the opponent’s card by playing an equivalent card with a higher value.

Since each card belongs to a different category, players can choose which category of cards to play with – the winner is the player who has the cards with the highest value in that category.

Legends of Crypto also has a built-in referral program that encourages users to play more and invite people to join the platform.

Token $LOCG

The $LOCG token is the game’s own crypto-currency and the Legends of Crypto ecosystem. The token serves as a primary means of payment, distributes in-game rewards, and also acts as a management token. It is also used to encourage players to continue playing.

The Legend of Crypto token in $LOCG is compatible with both Matic and ERC-20 and is capped at 150,000,000 tokens. Some of the use cases of the $LOCG token :

  • Legends of Crypto wants to encourage players to participate and play as much as possible through a pay-for-play model. The idea is simple: the more you play the game, the more $LOCG you get.
  • When a player purchases NFT cards or decks on the Legends of Crypto marketplace, they receive discounts in the form of $LOCG.
  • Players may place their $LOCG tokens in the Reserve pile and receive NFT tokens in return.
  • The $LOCG token also acts as a management token, giving token holders the right to vote on game changes, propose game changes, and request new features and card editions. Some $LOCG token holders, if they own enough tokens, may also be appointed to the DAO-LOC board.
  • The $LOCG token gives owners the ability to change the properties of some of the rarest cards in NFT.
  • Players who pay with the $LOCG token are eligible for discounts on decks and NFT cards.

Game and functions

Players can choose from the game’s characters, all of which are easily recognizable if you’re familiar with the crypto industry. The characters chosen by the team are meant to evoke a sense of familiarity and encourage players to buy more NFT cards.

The game has six different criteria, each of which gets points on a scale of 1 to 100. The criteria are innovation, development expertise, network, community, impact and influence. Players choose categories during the game, and the player with the most cards in the chosen category wins the game.

Since Legends of Crypto is a multiplayer game, you will need a minimum of two and a maximum of six players to play. Players can use their NFTs and earn crypto currency or use their $LOCG tokens and harvest rare NFTs.

Each NFT has a unique design and is rare. Players can trade them in the LOC or on third-party markets like Open-Sea.

The team behind Crypto Legends

The Legends Crypto team is experienced and very passionate about the crypto space and blockchain technology. The minds behind the legends of cryptography – Mikhail Mironov, Lisa Lefebvre, Matthew Syed.

You will be supported by a team of consultants who bring a wealth of experience in NFT, blockchain technology and gaming.

The Legends of Crypto team hopes to create a gaming ecosystem that is decentralized and benefits the entire gaming community. The team believes that the partnerships they are developing and the unique product offering will increase the popularity of Legends of Crypto and give the game a big boost.

With a clear roadmap to 2021 and unique gameplay, Legends of Crypto is poised to create an ecosystem fueled by the growth of NFT. Legends of Crypto is definitely a game to keep an eye on if you’re in the NFT space.

The funding round was led by the leading venture capital firms in the blockchain space, namely LD Capital, SL2, Signum Capital, NGC and Moonwhale Ventures.

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