NFT CryptoTrunks selling insanely on OpenSea amidst Crypto Crash

This is a warning to all crypto investors: Stop investing in crypto trunks right now. Seriously, you should stop, or you may lose all your money. The crypto market is currently going through a “crypto crash”. This is when the price of cryptocurrency goes down by an insanely large amount. This could be a very bad time to buy an in-game crypto asset.

Trunks are selling out like hot cakes on OpenSea as the market continues to crash. In the last 24 hours, some of the most popular NFT CryptoTrunks have seen their prices more than double, with CryptoTrunk #2 increasing from 0.0005 ETH to 0.0012 ETH and CryptoTrunk #5 increasing from 0.0005 ETH to 0.0012 ETH. And since NFT CryptoTrunks are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), CryptoTrunk #2 and CryptoTrunk #5 each have their own unique crypto-identities.

As of the time of writing this post, there are six CryptoTrunk NFTs available on OpenSea. Each one is selling for over 15,000 OPS, which is a good indication that the market has not yet realized the true value of CryptoTrunks. CryptoTrunk is a decentralized marketplace that provides a way for artists and collectors to transfer their digital assets in a trustless way. This means that each NFT is unique and no one can counterfeit a CryptoTrunk, a huge advantage over some of the more centralized digital asset transfer services. The fact that you can buy CryptoTrunk NFTs for less than their estimated market value makes them an absolute steal.. Read more about opensea coin price and let us know what you think. Summary of the situation

  • Users auction CryptoTroncs at good prices on OpenSea
  • The NFT project ended on the 23rd. Allow the gas levels to cool for one hour.
  • NFT’s sales are up, putting it on the same chart as CryptoPunk.

May was a good month for CryptoTrunks after the cryptocurrency gained popularity and the number of generative trees grew from a paltry 2,000 to 7,657. This news comes just a week after the cryptocurrency market took a turn for the worse and crossed the $1 trillion mark. CryptoTrunk users have mined about 645 Genesis trees and the above number of generative trees. The number of trees continues to grow and one resident has decided to sell his collection of over 1,500 trees. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor CryptoPunk, CryptoTrunks could be the next unicorn in the unplayable token space.  One CryptoTrunk user is even in the top 15 gas donors on the Ethereum network.

CryptoTrunks – Next NFTUnicorn

The NFT ecosystem illustrates the trading history of a cryptocurrency trader with a pixel tree whose size represents a person’s carbon footprint and environmental damage. On Friday alone, the platform could have planted some 19,500 trees for free if Ethereum’s high costs hadn’t led to a large number of transactions on the blockchain. Despite this, the token is being auctioned at insanely high prices on OpenSea. Below is a screenshot of some of the ads: crash (Snapshot: OpenSea) Proponents of the NFT are hopeful that revenue will increase as the number of users of the network increases. However, their hopes are pinned on whether Ethereum will solve the problem of high fuel costs. The good news is that Ethereum itself is doing well in terms of price, and this will always make CryptoTrunk valuable and worthy of your time.


CryptoTrunks does not consider the carbon footprint left by cryptocurrency mining activities. In fact, the team behind the project quit on the 23rd. May after an increase in the rates of the ETH blockchain. An hour later the journey was resumed, the toll having been reduced to a green 150 guineas.  It seems that the good karma of the project’s efforts to combat global warming has finally paid off.The selloff is hitting NFT CryptoTrunks hard on OpenSea, with the highest-priced CryptoTrucks dropping by 3% in 24 hours. HODLer’s who are looking to cash out are finding a much more bearish environment than they probably expected at the start of the week. When compared to the drop we saw at the start of 2019, this drop represents a much greater percentage loss.. Read more about opensea ipo and let us know what you think.

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