NFT Platform Dotmoovs Prepares To Launch Its MVP Today

Today, Dotmoovs is Releasing Their MVP a New Blockchain “Proof of Participation” based Blockchain Platform. This new Blockchain Platform will be built on Ethereum but will be a Platform of its own and will enable the creation of new decentralized applications (Dapps) that support the NFT Platform. The NFT Platform is a new blockchain platform that will gather the NFT ledger, an immutable registry of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and the smart contracts that will govern NFT transactions.

Earlier this month, we reported that a blockchain based influencer marketing platform called Dotmoovs is preparing its MVP (minimum viable product) to launch by the end of this month. It is a platform that would allow brands and influencers to gain real time insights about the audience and the influencer through the use of artificial intelligence.

Dotmoovs is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to connect gamblers and hobbyist game developers together. The platform has been in development for the past six months and is now ready to go live. The platform is currently based in the Ethereum network, but it will soon be migrated to the Neo blockchain platform.. Read more about make nft and let us know what you think.

Tallinn, Estonia, 28. June 2021,

Blockchain startup dotmoovs is one step closer to redefining the concept of competitive freestyle soccer. The gamification of competitive sports on the platform and the analysis of the images by artificial intelligence creates an unbiased system where everyone can prove their skills and be rewarded for it. Luis Figo and Ricardo Cuarezma have also become brand ambassadors for the project in recent weeks, confirming the need for gamification in modern sport.

By launching MVP today, June 28, the team will share its vision with a much wider audience. The launch of MVP also marks the opening of a new interactive feature for users and fans of freestyle soccer.

The winner of each one-on-one soccer tournament can win MOOV Coins or Non-Available Coins. In this way, the winners are always encouraged to take on bigger challenges, while the opposing team gets the chance to improve their skills and challenge all the other participants. Using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, fans around the world can compete against each other without leaving their location.

The world of freestyle football is on the verge of a revolution. Once the MVP is launched, dotmoovs will put a landing page on its website where people can upload videos of their own football juggling. All sequences are collected and analyzed by the artificial intelligence solution. As part of the analysis, the artificial intelligence will analyze the number of jugglers and identify any penalty moves, such as. B. The hand touches, pulls.

Users receive their score and a detailed analysis of their performance shortly after they submit their video. It’s a great way to help enthusiasts improve their skills and to encourage those who are doing well to discover how much they can still improve. Those who manage to juggle the ball more often also gain an exclusive advantage: He will have access to the dotmoovs tipster games, which will take place on the 28th. The month of June will be open.

dotmoovs has successfully raised $840,000 to build out its blockchain-based competitive sports company. Investors include Morningstar Ventures, AU21, Ascensive Assets and others. Moreover, the teams of Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures intend to act as incubators for the dotmoovs project and provide all the necessary support. Facilitating the growth of the NFT platform and its betting pools is important when sports, blockchain and on-fungible tokens are brought under one umbrella.

O dotmoovs

dotmoovs is the world’s first mobile competitive environment for crypto-currencies. The platforms allow users to compete against others around the world by simply bringing their skills, ambition and smartphone. The dotmoov video evaluator, which is based on artificial intelligence, will evaluate their performance in real time. Blockchain technology will allow sports leagues to compete fairly and access unique digital assets.

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