Nitro League Shifts Gears With New NFT Marketplace And Virtual Garage Launch

Nitro digital currency has a rapidly growing ecosystem that’s full of digital goods like in-game items, collectibles and more. One new feature from the Nitro team is the introduction of an NFT marketplace where gamers can buy and sell their virtual assets for real money.

The “magic craft” is a new cryptocurrency that has been released by Nitro League. The currency is available on the new virtual garage, which allows users to trade different items for it.

UAE, Dubai, January 14, 2022

In its ongoing effort to attract a worldwide audience to virtual racing, Nitro League makes progress. Following many months of success, the team is now focusing on the NFT market using a multi-pronged strategy. 

Since its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Polkastarter, Nitro League has had enormous success. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming sectors are two areas that Nitro league has focused on. The company also disclosed the launch dates for a new NFT marketplace, a virtual garage, and single-track gameplay. 

The virtual garage is a cutting-edge area where gamers may hang out. It has computerized controls, robotic gear, a practical user interface, and unique features. Players may participate actively in the Nitroverse community by improving their vehicles, displaying their NFT collections, competing in mini-games, and interacting with other players. 

Players will be able to purchase, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent in-game goods on the new non-fungible token marketplace operated by Nitro League. Engines, boosters, decals, tires, paint jobs, brakes, headlights, hoods, taillights, and many more components will be among these goods. Each participant may alter the appearance and sensation of their virtual automobile anyway they choose. Additionally, the market will provide fresh chances to increase the scarcity of NFT assets. 

In order to enhance and broaden the virtual racing environment, Nitro League has been concentrating on the NFT marketplace and virtual garage. The game allows players to play, create, own, and commercialize the digital assets they have earned. The virtual garage and market are the following developments in the play-to-earn game paradigm of Nitro League in the virtual racing metaverse. 

Players get access to a fully working, sandbox-style future racing game inside the Nitro League Metaverse, also known as the Nitroverse. Based on performance and skill, tokens are rewarded. Players may also modify their performance using the in-game equipment and garage modification possibilities. 

Additionally, the Nitroverse combines eSports with Bitcoin, two of the biggest phenomena in the modern technological industry. Gamers have full control over their experience and may earn RP tokens by taking part in exciting races and amassing rare NFT goods. In Nitro League, NFTs may advance in level because rarer racing vehicles perform better and lead to bigger RP token payouts. 

To accommodate a wider variety of collectibles, the NFT market will continue to get updates. For instance, Nitro League released their first collection via a collaboration with Terra Virtua, and they are now working on their second collection. Through its official social media platforms, the Nitro League team will provide further information, including mint numbers, surrounding this new drop.

The DAFI Protocol Nitro Car unveiling was the result of a collaboration between the Nitro League team and DAFI Protocol and Polinate. The metaverse will get a new Ntrio League auto racing game. Through its Games and Guilts platform, Polinate will provide access to pre-sales of the game and the DAFI automobile. 

The DAFI automobile has the ability to win street races because to its sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it has a quick acceleration and a high top speed, two characteristics that are crucial in the Nitro racing environment. 

Regarding Nitro League

A decentralized play-to-earn racing game with fantastic gameplay, token economics, and the metaverse is called Nitro League. A team with 500M app store downloads, crypto projects, and economies worth $3 billion+ designed the game. All of the in-game tools and materials are NFTs with modern gameplay mechanisms.

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