Paperboat Studios Canada Launches NFT Project Tattva118 at Cannes

The Cannes International Film Festival has just kicked off, and Paperboat Studio’s NFT project Tattva118 is on the prowl. The mixed reality game allows users to enter a new dimension of gaming through virtual avatars that come alive in real time.

Krapopolis is a blockchain-based digital world that has been designed to be a safe and secure platform for trading virtual goods. The NFT project Tattva118 was launched at Cannes Film Festival.

Paperboat Studios Canada Launches NFT Project Tattva118 at Cannes


1st June 2022, Toronto, Canada Chainwire

With Tattva118, a real-world utility project, Toronto-based Paperboat Animation Studios Inc. is a company that creates animated films. is ready to shake up the NFT industry. Tattva118 is establishing a vibrant area for leisure, education, and the environment whereas other initiatives emphasize profile photographs or exclusive access to hidden dens. Through its well-defined path to realize its vision for life, industry, and the environment, this initiative will put the community at the center of decision-making, participation, and effect. The adventure was revealed in Cannes on May 20, 2022, when the animation slate for the Tattva118 film and the Tattva118 website were unveiled.  

Tattva118 has chosen the most underappreciated subject: Chemistry. “Why Chemistry?” you may wonder. “It regulates the existence, survival, wealth, and advancement of life, industry, and the environment,” explains CEO Soumitra Ranade. As a result, chemistry.” When you examine at the structure of the periodic table, you’ll see that Tattva118 philosophy is well-aligned and intelligent. Existence seems to be controlled by elements like as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen, while survival appears to be supported by elements such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Affluence is represented by elements such as gold, silver, platinum, and many others, whilst rare elements such as thorium, plutonium, and uranium are fueling advancement in space and medical technology. 

Tattva118’s mission is to mainstream blockchain technology in entertainment, education, and environmental initiatives. Tattva118 is an artist who anthropomorphizes the known 118 elements of the periodic table and transforms them into movie-metaverse-magic. The project’s movie domain will comprise feature films, short films, and television series, as well as the ability for the community to create reels utilizing the elements as characters. Visitors to the metaverse realm may Learn, Play, Meet, and Participate in a variety of ways. It will also produce a number of games with 2D and 3D animation for people of all ages. The initiative will unveil its educational and environmental actions for the globe via the magic domain. 

The product’s initial stage begins with the selling of 13,924 Element NFTs on their website, “The Element NFTs are super collections of Genesis NFTs and Avatar NFTs,” says co-founder Mayank Patel. By assigning personality attributes to each piece, the Paperboat team has developed distinct personalities. This will be the first time this has been done in the NFT space.” 

The elements’ personalities arose from a combination of pulling inspiration from their essential features, position in the world, natural origins, and inventors of the elements, as well as pouring great creativity into their digital transformation. Chemistry nerds, child psychologists, and artistic professionals collaborated to create the hand-drawn genesis NFTs. “The Elements chatting to us and going through human-like challenges, will help relate to chemistry for achieving the greatest outcome in everyone’s life,” said Paperboat Cofounder and Tattva118 Chief Design Officer Aashish Mall.  

The project is backed by Singapore-based Vistas Media Capital. “Paperboat is a best-in-class animation company with the most accomplished and inventive storytellers I’ve seen,” says Abhayanand Singh, Global CEO of Vistas Media Capital. “With this first slate, Tattva118 showcases their skill and gives something for everyone across the globe.” Tattva118’s distinctiveness and future prospects have attracted investors from the NFT, technology, and entertainment industries. 

“Paperboat has always been at the vanguard of these ever-evolving times, nurturing innovative technology alongside cutting-edge creative endeavours,” Ranade said. It gives us great pleasure to begin work on such ground-breaking initiatives.” 

Tattva118 is set to revolutionize the area by using the Web3 environment to provide Metaverse, Movies, and Magic. By combining the benefits of ownership, cooperation, monetization, and decentralization, the effort will appeal to both crypto and non-crypto fans.  

Concerning the Paperboat 

Paperboat Canada was founded in Toronto in August 2021 with the goal of expanding its worldwide reach for animation films and other artwork. Paperboat India was founded in Mumbai in July 2013 and has since expanded internationally with a number of initiatives. Soumitra Ranade, Aashish Mall, and Mayank Patel, the company’s founders, have created outstanding work in animation and live cinema. 

Paperboat is currently embarking on a mission to create Tattva118, the world’s first blockchain-based ecosystem with practical applications. The goal for entertainment, education, and the environment is unified by Tattva118.

Paperboat takes a personal approach to its products, which originates from its primary philosophy of serving simplicity with elegance. 

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  • Raj Kumar is an Indian businessman.
  • Paperboat Animation Studios Inc. is a company that creates animated films.
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The “blockchain creative labs” is a blockchain-based creative agency that has been launched in Canada. The company will focus on developing projects for the film and entertainment industry, as well as other sectors.

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