Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Physical bitcoins are far more than just novelty collectibles. They are a direct means of sending and receiving bitcoins by private, physical means. The security and privacy of bitcoin transfers is enhanced by removing the internet and associated threats of man-in-the-middle attacks. Physical bitcoins are not intended to compete with traditional electronic currencies such as PayPal or Credit Cards. They are not replacements for gold, silver or blue-chip stocks. Instead, they are to be used as a standalone means of sending money to and from friends, family and business associates, just as a traditional check would be.

All of the Bitcoin world is abuzz with the announcement that major retailer will begin accepting Bitcoin for their product line. The news was met with some skepticism, as major retailers have yet to adopt Bitcoin, but the fact that they are accepting it (using it for a few of their products) is a step in the right direction. Bitcoin is a new type of currency, one that exists only on the Internet. It isn’t backed by any government or institution, but is entirely digital.

Physical Bitcoins are physical objects that serve as a method of payment, store of value, and/or a medium of exchange. They are similar in form to traditional paper money, but are specially designed to be redeemable for Bitcoins. This means that a Physical Bitcoin is not a physical object that is intrinsically tied to the Bitcoin network.. Read more about physical bitcoin value and let us know what you think.

So, you’ve decided to invest in Bitcoins. The broker is all prepared, and the money is ready to be invested, but wait! How confident are you in the safety of your investment? What if someone gained access to your private key by breaking into your wallet and altering the data? 

That is why you should be aware of Physical Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Physical History

We’ve always been told that Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that don’t exist in the real world. All bitcoins have private keys, which allow them to communicate with the owner.

An regular wallet consisting of cloth and leather, on the other hand, will not allow you to access your digital money. Desktop or mobile phones are the digital wallets you’ll need. Access your key by downloading the free hardware to your device. 

When someone hacks your wallet and has access to your private key, there is a danger. Despite the fact that these instances are uncommon, there is nevertheless a feeling of unease. The concept of tangible bitcoins sprang from this. Initially, the majority of people were opposed to the concept, but as time went on, more individuals became interested in it.

Mike Caldwell was the first to design the actual coins. In 2011, he minted Casascius, but he had to call it a day in 2013. Later on, he had a novel concept for storing user data in the currency. This notion revolutionized the concept of physical bitcoins.

The coin seems to be ordinary, however it requires the usage of a gadget. Because it does not hold actual money, the physical bitcoin has inherent worth. With tamper-evident holographic sealing, the data is hidden within the coin.

The honeycomb design is left behind after you remove the holographic sticker. To safeguard your bitcoins from theft, you may keep them in your safes or lockers.

Top Bitcoins in Physical Form

Casascius minted coins

The Casascius coin, created by Mike Caldwell, is the first on our list. Mike Caldwell mints his coins for a long time, but they were outlawed last year when the government made certain modifications.

His actions were deemed questionable by the financial crimes enforcement network. Casascius, on the other hand, was resold early this year.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Bitcoin’s Titan

If you aren’t familiar with real bitcoins, these coins may easily deceive you. Titan bitcoins are gold coins with digital data linked to them. 

Titan comes has a security hologram, a unique ID, and is only available in a limited number of copies. Titan Bitcoin is ranked 1431 on the market, with a bitcoin worth of 0.001885 USD.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Mint Alitin

Alitin Mint are wholesome silver coins with 2 ounces overall weight. Currently, two designs are available to the economic pioneer French Patron & Adam Smith. The third design of the coin is around the corner. There’s a rumor that is no longer available. Not sure if they were compromised or if the funds were stolen. Either way, they are now responsible for the loss of the funds.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Both coins have distinct market rates. The first one costs 2.92 bitcoins, while the second one costs 1.54 bitcoins. Each design has a limited edition of 600 coins. 

Cryptmint is a crypto-coin.

The goal of creating Cryptmint was to satisfy all of the company’s requirements. Cryptmint is a relatively new product on the market, but it is gaining popularity. Cryptmint coin costs 42 dollars per copper piece. There are six different QR designs to choose from. 

Ravenbit is a satoshi coin created by Ravenbit.

In 2014, the Ravenbit Satoshi currency was released for the first time. These coins have a high demand up to this point. The kit costs $25 and comes with a variety of goods, holograms, a coin bag, and a display.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Ravenbit has a thickness of 3mm. The material is 85 percent copper and has a diameter of 36 mm. Satoshi Nakamoto is written on the front side of the coin with binary coding within.

Antana is a kind of coin.

Antana coins are a cost-effective alternative. The coin’s design is eye-catching. The Bitcoin logo appears on the front side. A QR code is written on the other side of the coin.

The coins have a selling price of 0.02-0.04 BTC. The total cost of the 20 coins was 0.41 BTC. Every batch of Antana coins has a unique subject that delights collectors.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know


CoinedBits are virtual currencies that may be stored in Bitcoin wallets. These coins are just for fun. The price of the coin varies depending on the location. North Americans pay $14.99 each piece, while international customers pay $19.99.

The coin is 1 ounce in weight and 38mm in diameter. Brass is used to make the coins. Gold is applied to the brass material. 

Lealana is a kind of coin.

Lealana coins have established themselves as one of the most trustworthy choices. In 2013, Lealana made its debut on the market. The coin’s price ranges between 0.042 and 0.325 BTC. Coatings of gold and silver metal are used to extend the life of the metal.

Make your own physical coin

Why not manufacture your own bitcoins if you’re on a budget yet want to experience the real bitcoins? All you need is a 3D printer to get started. Make your own design or get help from others.

Is owning a Bitcoin Coin legal?

Physical bitcoins have fundamentally altered the way people think about digital money. We went from keeping the currency in a digital wallet to carrying it in our pockets. The coins are similar to the gift card in appearance. Simply said, it enables you to transport your digital money.

But, before you buy in bitcoin, be sure it’s legal to do so. The United States’ finance department has prohibited businesses from producing actual bitcoins and issued state licenses.

Physical Bitcoin: all you need to know

Because of their unlawful usage, the US government has banned the use of physical bitcoins. Citizens in the United States often sell coins to buy drugs and other illicit goods. Some areas, on the other hand, may not impose any restrictions on the production of physical bitcoins.

Is there any difference between digital currency & physical bitcoins?

The method is the sole distinction between digital currency and real bitcoins. Physical bitcoins may be carried in your pocket, stored in a locker, or kept in a bank’s safe.

Digital currencies, on the other hand, do not exist in reality. You can only use a device to access them. 

To Sum Up!

We hope you are now aware of the physical bitcoins as a result of this set. To be honest, there’s still a lot more to learn about the coins. Make sure you’re an expert before buying in real bitcoins.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of material is utilized to make physical bitcoins?

The Treasury Department often uses and recommends gold, silver, copper, and brass.

Is there a market for physical bitcoins?

Only if physical bitcoins have a private key do they have trade value. The bitcoin currency cannot be sold on the federal level without the private key. 

Who may possess bitcoins in their physical form?

Anyone with a license may manufacture physical bitcoins for money transmitters and face-to-face transactions in 2021; individuals are minting bitcoin in the hopes that the BTC rate will rise in the future.

What is the best way to sell a physical bitcoin?

Visit the website to sell your physical bitcoin. Begin a new topic as soon as you get on the website. Wait for the dealer to mention certain characteristics of your bitcoin. With a red trust mark, you may avoid purchasers. Encourage him to conduct face-to-face transactions after the sale is completed.

Physical Bitcoins, also known as paper wallets or cold storage, are key to securely storing, spending, or transferring your Bitcoin. Bitcoin paper wallets are a safe way to store and consolidate your Bitcoin. With a paper wallet, you do not need to trust your Bitcoin to a third-party broker or exchange, nor do you need to store your Bitcoins on an internet-connected computer.. Read more about how to use physical bitcoin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are physical bitcoins worth anything?

They are not worth anything, they are just a representation of value.

Can you actually buy a physical Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a physical Bitcoin.

Are physical bitcoins safe?

Yes, physical bitcoins are safe.

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