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PRESS RELEASE. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 19. March 2021 – Affinity Design – Rarify Apps has just launched a new deFi app that is only possible on the second level of technology. Just one week after the app’s launch, the price of the rare coin on the Honeyswap DEX jumped to over USD 1,000 after the app gained over 3,000 daily active applicants. This is all made possible by the speed of the xDai network and the low rates that allow users to claim a small portion of Rare for as little as ten cents per claim.

As fuel prices on the Ethereum platform continue to rise, farming on the platform is starting to destroy revenue and make it completely impossible for the little guy to earn a fair share. When building an xDai chain (a stable solution for Tier 2 coins), barriers to entry are removed as fees are fractions of a cent and transactions can be completed in less than 5 seconds. So you can give out the full amount of rare coins to anyone who makes a daily request for rare coins (available now) or earn more if you include your rare coins and xDai in our Stake app (coming in April 2021).

What makes rare coins so rare is the fact that only 2 coins are issued and distributed each day, with the last coin appearing in 2071.

There are no pre-sales or initial distributions. Instead, once a day, 2 coins slowly flow from the smart contract to the xDai channel. One coin will be weighed and divided equally among the contenders of the day and one coin will be weighed and divided among the Strikers of the week.

The distribution mechanisms have been hard coded into the smart contract since its initial release in February 2021. This makes rare coins extremely rare, super fair and cheap to win a share! All you need is an xDai wallet connected to the xDai Channel, some xDai, and you can start earning Rares today – practically for free! If you want more than a small piece every day, make sure you can buy more while you still can! For more information, see https://rare.fyi.

Press contact: [email protected]

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