Top 5 Ethereum-based Tokens

This is the list of Ethereum-based tokens, based on their market capitalization and trading volume.

The “ethereum based tokens list” is a blog post that lists the top 5 Ethereum-based tokens. The author of the blog post, found that these particular tokens are worth investing in.

Top 5 Ethereum-based Tokens


Since its inception in 2015, Ethereum has been revolutionizing the crypto business, first with the introduction of smart contracts, and then with the emergence of a slew of new blockchain goods as a result of them. Many things are included, such as decentralized apps, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and others.

However, before all of that, Ethereum established token models to make it easier for developers to deploy new currencies and projects without having to start from zero. Token frameworks like ERC-20 enabled them to create utility tokens that ran on the Ethereum network, resulting in the creation of hundreds, if not thousands, of new currencies. However, not all of them are made equal, and every investor wants to identify the finest chances, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Ethereum-based tokens for you to consider.

The Sandbox (#1) (SAND)

The Sandbox is the first on our list, a project that provides a virtual environment in which users may create, construct, purchase, and trade digital goods in the form of a game. This is a project that attempts to create a decentralized platform for the burgeoning blockchain gaming community, which has seen rapid development in recent years.

With the recent growth of the metaverse trend and the gaming community’s eagerness to be one of the first movers into this new area of the crypto/blockchain business, this project has a strong chance of seeing a big increase in usage and demand. As a consequence, it’s possible that it’ll experience major price rise, so keep a watch on it.

The platform’s usage of a play-to-earn paradigm, which enables users to develop games, play them, and receive incentives while doing so, provides extra income possibilities. As a result, the initiative enables users to benefit while doing something they like. To put it another way, gaming may now be more than simply a fun pastime; it can also be highly lucrative.

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Chromia is the second type of chromosome (CHR)

Next up is Chromia, an open-source public blockchain created by Chromaway AB, a firm located in Sweden. In May of this year, the business introduced the token. It was originally designed as a standalone Layer-1 blockchain. It does, however, provide an EVM-compatible Layer-2 improvement that works with both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

The project’s purpose is to improve current decentralized apps (dApps) while also allowing new ones to be created. These would be next-generation dApps with increased scalability, customisable cost structures, and enhanced data management.

The project already has a wide range of uses, both for its own blockchain and for its Layer-2 improvements. The applications range from Hedget, a DeFi options trading platform, to My Neighbor Alice, an open-world agricultural game that has become a highly popular project in its own right.

Furthermore, the project includes an improvement layer for existing ERC-721 tokens that is utilized to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As most people are probably aware, the NFT movement blossomed in 2021, garnering millions of users and certainly billions of dollars in investment, which is why this project is also well worth following.

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3. Enjin Coin is a cryptocurrency created by Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin, which is a native cryptocurrency of a corporation named Enjin, is ranked third. Enjin is a company that creates an ecosystem of linked, blockchain-based gaming goods. The Enjin Network, which serves as a social gaming network, is the company’s primary product.

Gamers may use the platform to construct their own gaming websites, clans, chat rooms, and even virtual goods shops. Naturally, all of this is intertwined with the rapidly expanding NFT industry, which is critical to blockchain-based gaming. Depending on the game, NFTs may be used to represent in-game goods, treasures, and even playable characters. They may provide the character improvements, weapons and armor, and more.

Meanwhile, the project’s native cryptocurrency, Enjin Coin (ENJ), is an ERC-20 token that can be used to purchase products, participate in the network, tokenize new items, and more.

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4. Token of Basic Attention (BAT)

Basic Attention Token is towards the end of the list (BAT). The Brave Browser is a project that creates a full decentralized browser. The browser was intended to provide people control over their personal information.

BAT saw that the way the internet managed users’ data and compelled them to see advertisements was inefficient. Advertisement businesses, as well as almost all websites and online services, collect every scrap of information they can on customers and utilize it to bombard them with adverts. BAT’s concept is to enable users to view commercials just when they want to, but it also makes it such that watching ads earns them BAT tokens.

Meanwhile, it benefits ad-creating businesses by providing direct access to consumers rather than requiring them to go via advertising agencies, who all charge exorbitant fees to show advertisements to users. As a consequence, marketers can interact more directly with their customers, individuals aren’t harassed by commercials when they don’t want to watch them, and they are rewarded for watching them when they do.

BAT’s Brave Browser has grown in popularity over time, and although it is still not large enough to compete with Chrome or Firefox, it is fast expanding, implying that BAT is gaining more users and, as a consequence, increasing demand.

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Celer Network, No. 5 (CELR)

Finally, there’s Celer Network, a project that attempts to offer off-chain transaction processing by acting as a layer-2 scaling solution. The technology allows for quick and easy off-chain transactions while yet maintaining a high level of security. They do, however, work for both ordinary payments and smart contracts, which is critical for a project on Ethereum’s network.

As many people are aware, Ethereum is notorious for its inability to grow, which has resulted in higher transaction costs. As a result, having a project that can handle transactions off-chain while being quick, simple, and secure is very advantageous.

Celer features its own native cryptocurrency, CELR, which is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard token used to manage the network’s economy. It’s used to pay omission fees, stake assets, provide liquidity, and participate in the Liquidity Banking Auction, which raises the priority of applications seeking liquidity assistance.

Visit our How to Buy Celer Network guide to learn more about this coin.


The Ethereum network has been operational for over seven years, and in that time it has given birth to a slew of fantastic enterprises. While many people have left the network to start their own blockchains, many others have remained, and the five projects mentioned above are among the most popular ERC-20 initiatives right now. These are definitely worth keeping an eye on if you’re trying to invest in Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top ethereum tokens?

A: The current top 5 tokens on the market are as follows.

What are some ethereum based tokens?

A: Some of the most popular tokens would be. OmiseGo is a token that was designed to act as an exchange medium for bank transfers and other payment methods, such as credit cards. Cardano is another cryptocurrency whose name literally means to invent. They plan to develop their blockchain into something called a smart contract platform which will allow individuals or businesses to create contracts without needing lawyers or accountants in order make it happen. The idea behind this project is that if you have enough people who trust each other- say 10 friends trusting each other enough where they can collectively spend money on a new apartment – then theres no need for any banks or middlemen at all!

Which coin is ethereum killer?

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