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Uniqly, a blockchain based provider of unique digital assets, recently announced the release of its first non-fungible token (NFT) called the “Uniqly Banned Coin”. The product operates under the motto, “We know what you do and we don’t like it,” which is one of the most controversial statements on the crypto market. In an interview with Bitcoin News, the team behind Uniqly discussed the nature of the banned coin, the company’s recent progress, their plans for the future, and more.

With an innovative game concept and a revolutionary platform, Uniqly has become one of the biggest players in the NFT market, and one of the most talked about in the blockchain startup community. The concept of their upcoming game, Uniqly Hero , is easy to learn, but hard to master. With a bit of luck, you could end up with a dragon, vampire or even a unicorn in your possession, and, if you’re lucky, you could make a pretty profit from owning one of the rarest creatures in the game.

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It has been a long time since the cryptocurrency market has seen such a promising project, which is clearly based on real market needs and a long-term plan to stay relevant and benefit customers, investors and users. Uniqly.io aims to add real value to digital goods.

Market veterans already know what unplayable chips are and why they are so expensive, but the perception of these chips in the mainstream market leaves much to be desired at best.

In the absence of hard, factual evidence, it is difficult to understand why this particular chain of pixels is so valuable. So even though people like Beeple make millions from their work, NFT is already considered a fad by many so-called experts.

The expansion of the digital marketplace is unstoppable, but it’s impressive to see the team’s understanding of and response to the gap between digital and physical goods in less than 6 months.

Especially when you see how society has reacted to this particular project.

Unique response to community support

It is not often that we see projects that are in such direct contact with society. After the enthusiastic response from users, the Uniqly team raised the bar even higher and created NFT’s first-ever physical collection.

After the whitelist event, a new event is scheduled for the 12th. A 10k t-shirt promotion is planned in May where everyone will have the opportunity to purchase a limited edition printed NFT t-shirt. This is just the first of many awards, but its importance should not be underestimated, as it gives the public a glimpse of how Uniqly actively listens to its community and tries to align its project with real customer and investor demand.

Each drawing will be unique, just like the digital signature. Due to the great success of previous FCFS sales, Uniqly will continue to use this formula and give individuals on the white list a 30 minute head start to purchase their favourite shirts from the selection.

While this is not the first time that an NFT has been auctioned, it is the first time that each item has a fair value directly related to the unique nature of being part of an NFT.

Not only does this fit well with the transition to the mainstream market, but it’s also a true example of what Uniqly is doing: filling a void in the current market.

One-off sales proposal: The niche selection dilemma

Given NFT’s many other cryptocurrency projects, public perception may be lost. People joined in this rush, trying to make quick money by capitalizing on the hype, and coming up with one-sided chips with one-sided pony projects.

From the beginning, Uniqly decided to build its business as a long-term project, with clear goals, a plan to achieve them and a willingness to invest time to improve every step of the ecosystem.

Because just like the big cryptocurrencies, the people behind UNIQ are developing a large-scale trading platform full of valuable features.

Although their website contains a comprehensive roadmap and a well-structured white paper with detailed information for the user, a mention of their services is still necessary.

Thanks to its escrow account and marketplace, Uniqly expects to see steady cash flow on its platform, which will fuel its organic growth cycle, allowing it to acquire its own customer base and develop peer-to-peer connectivity.

This is an essential element for the development and survival of the community, and the fact that it is being implemented at an early stage is encouraging.

The ability to create new NFTs and convert physical objects into NFTs, and vice versa, is critical at this stage, as it channels the entire NFT ecosystem into the core market.

The number of uses for such a service is staggering, and it’s a developing service that will only get better over time. What begins as a digital artist’s dream can go in many directions, some more lucrative than others.

Betting pools delight investors and close the ecosystem of Uniqly’s three-pronged approach: high value for sellers and buyers, high value for artists and consumers, and high value for investors and partners.

All details about the bonuses can be found here. By combining a number of methodologies from established firms with the uniqueness of the NFT world, Uniqly has chosen a staffing and pricing methodology that is among the most robust on the market today.

Uniqly Early Days

The Uniqly team has woven a web of connections to ensure a smooth transition to the next phases and has spent a significant amount of its time interacting with fellow creators, sponsors, private groups and partners.

During this first phase, the team also addressed some of the more sensitive aspects of the project’s inception: Funding, advertising and community building.

And therein lies the real surprise: after a less demanding seeding and private sale, both public UNIQ sales exceeded expectations and managed to reach their hard limit in less than 10 minutes for the first sale and in less than 4 for the second sale, which was also $300,000 higher than the previous sale.

You can find all the details on their website. Even more impressive than the community’s response was the team’s reaction to such a large-scale action.

The successful completion of the initial sale was praised by investors and users alike, with the Telegram community expressing satisfaction with Uniqly’s customer service team and staff as a whole.

During the second sale, there was a hiccup in the form of a website crash due to a large number of users, which surprised many people after the recent update and optimization of the website.

The reason for the accident becomes clear when you look at the statistics. User demand was so high that UNIQ tokens worth $980,000 sold out in less than 4 minutes, making this sale even more successful than the previous one.

The Uniqly team quickly solved the problem by offering smart contracts through email lists collected through the sales whitelisting process. The reaction of the crowd was also very positive, giving the team their second consecutive victory.

The UNIQ token has already delivered on its promise and was launched on the 15th. April officially posted on Uniswap. Despite technical difficulties due to changes in the ETH network after the Berlin hardfork, which took place on 14. In April, Uniqly did amazingly well, going from a $0.40 placement price to a peak of $5.21 per token in the first 20 minutes.

The really important metric and why everyone is so convinced of the potential value of this particular project is another, and the Uniqly team can confidently say that this doesn’t bother them in the slightest.

With a staggering growth rate of over 120%, the number of UNIQ holders has increased from less than 800 to over 1600 in less than 48 hours.

The project planning, information available to users, transparency and capabilities of the team, combined with the current market environment, are ideal for Uniqly to thrive, and savvy investors are recognizing the value of token ownership…..

This is a very good sign, and if the team continues to maintain these standards, the current landscape of the NFT world will change dramatically when all the features are rolled out on uniqly.

They don’t seem to be slowing down either and continue to release promising titles. Betting is expected soon on their platform, as announced here, so we are waiting for another successful performance from Uniqly.

Too good to be true

A well thought out plan, a clear roadmap presented on the website, a competent and transparent team, several demonstrable successes, great community support – behind all this is a brilliant idea that exactly fills a real gap in the emerging NFT market.

It may sound too good to be true, but sometimes things are what they seem, and in this case there is no indication to the contrary.

It’s still too early to tell, of course, but with such a promising start, it’s not too much to expect big things from Uniqly.

To be able to make a more informed decision, we will have to wait and see how the team performs in the coming weeks, but for now the future looks bright, provided the team can maintain this level.

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