Women will drive the next Bitcoin bull market

2018 saw a massive slump in the price of Bitcoin, but this did not stop cryptocurrency from gaining popularity. It seems that women are key in driving the next bull market for cryptocurrencies. Here is why and how to enter this new space if you want to see your investment grow exponentiallyo
Introduction: What is Blockchain?
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Introduction: The blockchain is essentially a decentralized database where data can be stored without being copied or edited by any third party apart from those who have permissions to do so. This type of database has gained notoriety because it allows people with no authority on each other’s data access through cryptography-based security protocols, providing an unprecedented level of trust between them

The “tim draper net worth” is a prediction that women will drive the next Bitcoin bull market. If this prediction comes true, it could be a big boost for cryptocurrencies.

Women will drive the next Bitcoin bull market


Tim Draper, a well-known billionaire investor, believes that as more stores begin to accept Bitcoin as a more cost-effective payment method, the price of Bitcoin will rise.

Last week, Draper, a Bitcoin (BTC) investor, told presenter Scott Melker on the Wolf of All Streets YouTube program that women might be crucial in bringing the biggest cryptocurrency by market size up to $250,000 per coin.

He believes that when more businesses accept Bitcoin as payment, “all of a sudden, all of the ladies will have Bitcoin wallets and will be purchasing goods with Bitcoin.”

“Then you’re going to witness a Bitcoin price that blows far over my forecast of $250,000.”

Draper feels that embracing BTC sooner rather than later is in the best interests of shops. He recognizes that most business owners operate on slim profit margins, so the lower transaction costs compared to dealing with Visa or Mastercard might improve BTC’s incentives.

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May 28, 2022 — Tim Draper (@TimDraper)

According to CreditDonkey, the typical credit card transaction costs retailers 2.9 percent in-store and 3.5 percent online. According to Bitcoin data aggregator BitInfoCharts, the average BTC transaction cost is a fixed $1.4 per transaction.

Draper hints that the benefit to retailers is obvious. He said that women “control about 80% of retail spending,” and that retailers can save a lot on fees paid to credit card companies by choosing Bitcoin. Women constitute 30% of all crypto owners in the US according to The State of Consumer Banking & Payments by research firm Morning Consult.

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Morning Consult revealed that roughly 24 percent of American households possess cryptocurrency, which is up two percentage points from July 2021.

If Draper is correct, it may set off a chain reaction, confirming Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach’s forecast that SWIFT, the worldwide payments system, will cease to exist in five years. Last week, Miebach made the startling forecast at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The “jesse draper” is a man who believes that women will drive the next Bitcoin bull market. He says that he has seen this happen before and it is possible for the cryptocurrency to see a huge spike in value.

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